When was the last time you had McD's?

When was the last time you had McD's?

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I don't regularly eat there, nor do i like or dislike their food, i'm quite ambivalent to it. After all, it's food, it has a taste, the taste isn't bad, and it's not really that expensive nor is it really cheap. My wife, however loves their chicken nuggets, so we eat there every now and then when she feels a craving for them.

It's about the same for me(including the chicken nuggets part), though every so often we get some for breakfast. We did just that yesterday actually, but it had been several weeks since the time before that.
Maybe like 2 months ago. Only problem I have when I eat fast food around here is I feel like crap after I eat it. My stomach feels heavy, like I ate a cannon ball. Just not a good feeling. I really think you have to have some sort of immunity to the stuff. The body has to be adjusted to handle it.

Now talking about bad fast food, Taco Bell takes the cake. Oh, I haven't been there in 2 years since I got my second batch of food poisoning. I was bed ridden for 2 days with the worst stomach pains and nausea. I went to my school's health center and in waiting for the doctor threw up at least 15 times. I had to get a shot in the ass. I didn't even care at that point. Afterwards I went home and got to the point where there was nothing left in my stomach and I was dry heaving. I hated the dry heaving so much I'd eat something or drink something so I'd have something to vomit. Bad times. So, never going to Taco Bell again. :)
Haha, I have to agree with you mate. Burger King (aka Hungry Jacks in .au) > McD

Nah I would use to agree with you but Hungary Jacks "standards" have really dropped. McDonalds have improved their quality locally IMO.
It was a little over a year ago. I wanted something FAST so I decided to get a double cheeseburger from the dollar menu. After 2 bites I almost threw up.

Fast food in general is horrible. I'm happy I come from a place that has great local food joints.
Last time I had McDonalds was a McChicken combo in Jaipur a month and a half ago.
I just remembered how much location plays a lot into the quality of the food at McDonalds.

Here at school the food is much better than back home in Philadelphia, but in some small towns its been worse than in Philadelphia. The food was MUCH better in Germany compared to any McDonalds I've been to here in the US.
They still have that in Canada? I've got a menu slide of it from the mid-90s and that meal has been long gone here.

Speaking of long-gone menu items, does anyone else remember McDonald's pizza? That stuff was amazing!

Yeah, they still have it and it's awesome! Despite what anti-McDonald's douchebags think because it's the popular thing to think, McD's has quite a bit of variety around the world. The menu in Canada is quite different from the US.

I remember the pizza from there, it was decent. I think Canada was actually the test market for it, we must not have liked it too much. :lol:
Yesterday, but only because it's the only fast food place in town and it was late and we didn't have anything to eat.
I haven't actually eaten anything from Mcdonalds for well over 5 years, so I can't obviously remember what it is I had, but I have been in there since just because it was the only place available which was open and had toilets when we were going on holiday a year ago.
Funny enough I went to MacD's twice last week, both time had a chicken sandwich (a deli sandwaich on Monday and a Legend on Friday). Before that though I hadn't been for a couple of months. I was away on a work training course on Monday and a group of us went for something. I only had the deli, but they all had full meals. :lol:

I'm a fan of MacD's though, and the Uk ones are very good. Very clean, pleasant places with (IMO) good food. Okay so it's not very healthy, but everything in moderation. I much prefer it over KFC or BK (hate KFC). I'd still go to Subway over any though to be honest. :)
I usually go to Burger King rather than McD's because they are across the street from each other near where I live. I just like BK better because they actually grill the burgers for you, I LOVE the Whopper. The only think I really like from McD's is the Big Mac and the cheeseburgers.

Sure, it's unhealthy and most of the time the idiot behind the counter doesn't build your burger properly, but it still tastes really good, especially when your really hungry.

I also remember that personal pizza they used to have, shame it didn't catch on.

I don't usually eat fast food; only when I actually want it for the taste, and after I go to the movies because there's also a movie theater near my local BK. I usually take a lunch to school everyday, or I just eat at home most of the time.
Last week . Went with the gf before college. She found a hair in her Big Mac, it looked like a pubic hair :puke:

Had a BK today, double Whopper Meal and I can say is fucking delicious.
The only problem with Burger King is that stench of charbroiled meat will stay with you until you shower... and their fries aren't that good IMO. They have the same fries as KFC/Taco Bell, texture-wise I mean.

But the best fastfood joint is by far A&W. It's the only hamburger out of all fastfood places that actually tastes like a gourmet burger you'd get in a family restaurant or make at home. And obviously they have the awesome creamy A&W root beer, which you often get in pre-frosted mugs. Mmm, good stuff.`
The other day, really not that much worse than some of the other shit that's peddled as a "healthy" alernative.

I weigh 54kg, I think I can stand to put on some kg.

How tall are you?
Went there the penultimate weekend. I had to work late and had to eat something, so I went there.

On average, I probably go there every six weeks, for one single reason. They don't deliver. If they would, I'd have burst by now.
It comes in fits and spurts. A new McD's just opened on my way to work and the call of the pre shift McGriddle must be heeded about once a week but in about a month i will be sick of them and not eat there again for about a year
It comes in fits and spurts. A new McD's just opened on my way to work and the call of the pre shift McGriddle must be heeded about once a week but in about a month i will be sick of them and not eat there again for about a year

Ah, see? A gastronome who doesn't feel the need to say things like "Mickey D's is teh sux0rz!!!!!!111!" just so they feel better about their own tastes and guilty pleasures.

+1, just for not being a douchey snob.