When was the last time you had McD's?

When was the last time you had McD's?

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I try to avoid it as much as I can, but then sometimes there just aren't too many choices when you are on the road and need a quick meal or stuck in a little college town.
Don?t have anything against McDs in particular, but now avoid all takeaways as part of healthier eating.
It's never been away here...
I'll prob grab some on the way home from my interview, either that or something from Burger King (called Hungry Jack's here). It's been like five months since the last time - which is pretty normal for me, I'm not a big take-away eater. I'm more of a fish and chips person, I have that once a fortnight or so at most. Our convenience food choices are not as vast as those in the US, and I absolutely refuse to touch KFC, never liked it, never will. I've been to Subway, like..twice maybe. Can't be bothered when I can make something like that at home if I want to.
Less then one month ago, and that is going to be it for a long time.
I was craving a Big Mac last night so I picked up a value meal. It was very tasty and delicious but the best part was that this time it almost sort of looked like the Big Mac you see in advertisements instead of a lopsided collection of ingredients in a cardboard box.

The Return of The McRib

want want want want want

Hah, they had the McRib out here earlier in the year for a very limited time. It was one of those 'while supplies last' deals but most stores only had it for a few days.

I'm a big fan of McDonald's as is clear from my posts in this thread, but I hated the McRib. The texture of the pork was fucking gross... and it's basically nothing but pork + sauce + hoagie.

But I just had to have one to see why Homer was so into the Ribwhich.
i have a weird soft spot for the McRib i really don't know why. Otherwise McGriddles are probably my most favorite of of all fast food from McDs.
I like to have a Egg McMuffin for breakfast, but the rest of the food is crap. You can do a lot better for the same sort of money as McDonalds. It's just that once in a while, I have an unexplainable weird craving for fast food... I'd rather go to the local Asian food courts to pick up a nice cirry with rice and a stew for $6.50 (no tax), which is the same or less than a McDonalds meal.
Hate to break it to you, but fish and chips are take-away...

I meant that's the only take-away I eat on a semi-regular basis.

Oh, and BTW one of the most horrific things I've eaten were spare ribs from a local pizza place my friend ordered from. I don't find ribs appetizing at all, especially not after that. They have the consistency of gooey gristle. :yucky:
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I had it about a month ago, Me and my friends were coming off the seabus and there was a McD's right there. So I ordered a rather large meal. Let's just say I had "the munchies" for one reason or another.

But I don't have it very often.
I go years not eating McDonald's then I have it twice within a week. I couldn't avoid it though, ie. taking the girlfriends nephew out and hit it again coming home from a long weekend.

It actually wasn't too bad, I had a chicken sandwich and a Big and Tasty and they we're both OK. Still wont eat there again. If I can get Chipolte or Jimmy John's for a dollar more, why eat there?
Bumping this thread to say the Baconator > McDonalds.

i would say that the McGriddle is on the same tier as the Baconator... now the spicy baconator on the other hand is pure God Tier.