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Where did the last person come from


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Mar 19, 2005
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Look closely at the pic, count the people, wait till it changes and then count again.
Where did the last person come from :p


If you find out write it in white so not to spoil it for the others :)
Top row, 2nd from left.
Am I right?
^Not really, that's where the extra one is but how did the extra person suddenly come.
That diddent help my head ache :?
Misunderstood the question, my bad. I seem to be doing that a lot today. Better snort some crack and call it a night, I guess? :sleep:

The extra guy/girl (I can't tell, they're all rednecks) came from the guy that's 2nd from the right. He/she/it had part of their feet cut off.
Highlight me -> You take a small part from all of them - piece of head, body, legs ... And voila, you have a new guy. It took me more than 30 minutes using Photoshop to cut and mark and etc.

Not an easy task.
Pretty clever!
Though I know it's a visual illusion - I'm still confused... and a little scared :unsure:
DJ got it right :thumbsup: