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Where to get individual episode synopsis?


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Jun 13, 2005
I'm looking for information on each episode synopsis like found at the Downloads section of FinalGear. But the info there for Top Gear only goes up to [06x02]. I'm looking for episode info for [06x03] onwards. :)
Check the upcoming episodes section maybe??? They will be in the guide as well soon, I guess...

Like Buba said, check the Pre-Episode discussion, those are the ones with the Ep description, on the first post mostly, but some of the info did change. :)

Yes I sincerely appologize for the lack of updates but I have some serious revamping to do with BOTH lists and it will take time.

In the meantime the pre-ep discussion will take care of that.

Side note, I am very close to getting ep info for all older 5th Gear eps, well all but two. When the list is updated you will see that. Be patient. I hope to get both done before I go to Puerto Rican on vacation. Hopefully. :oops:
Thanks justin :thumbsup:
Lol unexpected contribution. :lol:

Anyway I'll go check out the pre-episode discussions now. Thanks guys!
I will be adding them to the main site, I've just been busy with some new games that came out recently. :p
Battefield 2? :lol:
I'm playing GTR, but suffering without a wheel. Anyway, looking forward to the updates. ;)
mike_tseng said:
good job evilnickwong for reminding justin to update the lists!!

Trust me its been on my mind for a LONG time. I havent forgot but I just havent had time lately and I also have to do some re-working to it so it can be more helpfull, easier to find things and all in all, just plain perfect.

It bothers me that I have not been reliable with the lists but BOTH will be perfect after Im done. As I said, you will finally know what was on older 5th G eps as well as having the list updated. ;)
Hey hey, :) I think the TG list at the main site still needs updating.
I was gonna get the episode synopsis from the Pre-Episode discussion threads, but I noticed most of them are wrong. :oops:
Which ones or how many of them?
Yes, I'm a lazy fuck, I know. :p
I procrastinated with my list too. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

Made a few updates to the Top Gear list, dont have time to finish the rest. :thumbsdown: sorry guys.
mike_tseng said:
good job evilnickwong for reminding justin to update the lists!!

Gees Justin listen to the noob and not me haha. I only ended every one of my posts for a week with "Justin, Update you dam lists!"
check out the TG list.

its not finished but i made some changes, some visible some not.
I guess while the Top Gear ep list isnt up to date, we might as well :ban?: Justin :p I have been waiting forever for that list to be update :shock:
Lol, ok I see some updates for Season 6 now finally. Will wait for you to complete the info for 06x05 - 06x08. ;)
Hrm, figured I might as well compile a lil list myself since I want it now to burn my episodes to a backup DVD. So here it is: :lol:

Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 3 - 2004.06.12
? Jeremy makes a splash when he opens a local swimming pool
? Richard Hammond finds out what happens when you take the roof off an Aston Martin DB9 with the new DB9 Volante
? James May does a short clip on the Maserati Bora
? Germany and Russia give us their interpretations of the classic British sports car with the Weismann MF3 and TVR Tuscan 2
? Star in a reasonably priced car: Christopher Ecclestone

Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 4 - 2004.06.19
? The presenters hand over reporting duties to their mothers who review a range of new small cars including the Renault Modus, Honda Jazz and Peugeot 1007
? Jeremy takes a run round the track with the American Cadillac CTS-V
? Richard Hammond tests the new BMW 3 Series and how far can a limousine jump?
? Star in a reasonably priced car: Omid Djalili

Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 5 - 2004.06.26
? We return to the 60's to define cool, with the Aston Martin DB5 and Jaguar E-type
? Jeremy comes under fire from army snipers to find out which car is better - the Porsche Boxster S or Mercedes SLK
? James May road tests the Murano, a new 4x4 from Nissan
? Star in a reasonably priced car: Damon Hill

Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 6 - 2004.07.03
? Is a car faster than a boat? An epic race from London to Oslo with Jeremy in the Mercedes McLaren SLR and Richard and James on a boat
? The Stig takes the Aston Martin DBR9 around the Top Gear test track
? Star in a reasonably priced car: David Dimbledy

Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 7 - 2004.07.10
? Which is faster, a man or a car? A Fiat Panda versus a marathon runner through rush hour London
? TVR's Sagaris takes to the track
? Ford's Transit van has a landmark birthday and gets sent to the Nurburging to celebrate
? Star in a reasonably priced car: Justin Hawkins