Where we are going, there might not be roads... '99 Fiat Panda 4x4

MXM;n3551127 said:
I just have to share this... As you know, the car is in nicjasno's care atm, and he's preparing it for the upcoming trip.



From another FinalGear Panda thread...

Spectre;n2828218 said:
And you've proven the iron clad rule of used car budgeting yet again: Always set aside at least half your budget for repairs.
Corollary: If car is Italian, set aside at least two times the price of the car for repairs.

So, basically, if you want to buy a Panda and have the Panda experience:
1. Take all your money.
2. Pile it in your fireplace.
3. Set it on fire.

As the end result is the same and you won't have to drive the Panda. :p :evil: :mrgreen:

Spectre;n2828597 said:
Yup - all your money, stack it in a neat pile, set it on fire. :p

*silently lights a 10 euro bill* How will MXM ever survive this?
MXM;n3551110 said:
Hm... Can you elaborate? Does locking one side with a handbrake really put any more stress on the diff?

Well if you're using those levers you're trying to get through some situation and very rarely can you do that smoothly at idle speeds, maybe if you've just lifted a wheel but most of the time there's some kind of obstacle and it'll involve stress and shock on the drivetrain. You're suddenly putting all the stress on the spider/sun/planet gears and they're not really made to take it. Same with using it as a fiddle brake, generally used while moving so you're still putting power through the diff. Different to a locking differential where the centre is locked and then the stress is on the pinion, drive shafts and hubs.

Just don't floor it while locking a wheel I suppose and you would be fine. :dunno:
Yeah, makes sense... I guess you don't want to lock the wheel, but hold it with just enough resistance to maintain 1:1 rotation ratio between wheels :)
MXM;n3551127 said:
I just have to share this... As you know, the car is in nicjasno's care atm, and he's preparing it for the upcoming trip.



Awesome! :lol:
Damn, that is expensive to service. Love the car! About the double handbrakes, good news! they are legal here ;) As long as the original hand brake works.
But I suspect this Panda will not see much hard core off road use. I know that if you want small off road capable car, you would be looking Suzuki SJ110 and you wouldn't have to worry about breaking diff's.
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No, nott hardcore of course, but I do intend to play with the 4x4 a bit. And naturally, there's always the winter.
Der Stig;n3551283 said:
My interest in a Fiat Panda 100hp and a Marbella 4x4 cabriolet have not been diminished after the series of brilliant Panda purchases here on FG. Keep up the good work, lads.

Will you build that 100hp panda yourself? :lol:
Put the covers in the bin, together with some desintegrating insulation from the boot:

Beni;n3551381 said:

To be honest, the ebay upholstery looks a bit carelessly made, and it's missing some of the stitches of the original. But I suppose it's better than seat covers anyway :)
Decided on not getting that upholstery. The seller is pretty sketchy, and quality is unconvincing. Maybe I'll just get the fabric (it's available at 20€/metre) and learn a new trade :p

On a different note, this is the cutest rev counter mod I've seen. Want.

Hehe, that's about as big as a thumbnail, right?
That is incredibly cute. Do it! I have the WD Panda 4x4 episode on now as it happens.