Someone Else's Problem: Where we are going, we might not need four wheel drive... '94 Fiat Panda 1000 "Cosi"

Redliner;n3550957 said:
I'd love to get one and swap in a 2-liter inline-5 or something. :lol:

The answer is LSx, it is always LSx
They don't have to be perfect, some patina would suit the car. Just a set of "Zastava" chrome ones that fit the rims please as the three remaining ones are "Fiat".

I'll count the CD58 on the weekend and I'll get the very old tyres off too...unless you want them. Some must be over 30 years old I think.
Also, later rims were aluminium apparently, I'll see that I have a set of at least 4 of the same material.
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While it's not 100% clear when it has occurred, we suspect someone has keyed the car during these couple days when it's been in Maribor. Can't wait to be able to rescue the car from further vandalism.
WTF? Who in the world keys a Panda? :blink: Maybe one of the previous owners was a cheater, his/her girlfriend/boyfriend (combine that in any way you like :p ) saw the car parked on the street and thought he/she (the cheater) still owned the car?

Whatever the reason, you don't fuck with anyone else's property, be it as cheap as a 20 year old Panda or as expensive as a brand new Chiron... :mad:
haha, awesome purchase! :-D
Took some pics of the rims just so you get an idea of their state...I have 6 rims and even 2 caps.


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Well, the patina looks alright :) What kind of tires are they wearing right now?
some relics from days long gone, not sure if two are the same even...but I don't mind leaving them on so you can have a look for yourself.
Shame there isn't 8 wheels, MXM could have set of them too, just for fun.

public;n3550962 said:
You can put in a 1242cc Punto engine that can be gotten to 100hp with gently breathing on it, 125hp with Hayabusa throttle bodies or something.

I see that happening at the same day as 205 get's 1.9 16V.
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That's why I said "You can" instead of "I can" :p The only performance modification I will do will be to remove beer crates from the trunk.
public;n3551190 said:
The only performance modification I will do will be to remove beer crates from the trunk.

Finnishness checks out.
The nicjasnoing has begun!






The cluster now has fully functioning illumination.

Another thing that needs attention is the handbrake. I'd hate to need to use a puck to keep the car in place on mountainous roads...
Wow, that gives a totally new meaning to a "manual handbrake". :lol:
villej;n3551313 said:
Wow, that gives a totally new meaning to a "manual handbrake". :lol:

If you kick the chock in place does that make it a footbrake? :p

Dash binnacle circuitry looks very similar to the one I had in my old Disco from the same year. I like the way the warning lights are laid out over a picture of the car too, it's like they had the space and didn't know what to do with it so spread the lights out as much as possible.