Where's the Top Gear Korea love?

Any plans on uploading the torrent anywhere else? AsiaTorrents' account creation system is borked right now.
That worked. Thanks for all the effort, because this show's been too good to miss, subtitles or not.
I haven't downloaded any of these, but it appears they have 720p rips here:


They only have episodes 1-7 at the moment.

Still looking for a place other than bitsnoop.com (which is currently down for maintenance) that has links to episodes 8 & 9.

Anyone have more from the first season of Top Gear Korea? I would like to watch those, but asiatorrents does not let me register to download the season 1 episodes. I know there were like 13 episodes for season 1, but only 7 are on there.

It seems the show is very interesting to watch despite not understanding what they are saying. I just enjoying seeing the cars and challenges.
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I wonder what the reaction would be if TGUS did radio-controlled cars and had Stig listening to Morse code? You know that the haters would be out in force. Maybe I should get theiceisalie to watch 02x02; if he doesn't complain, he's a complete hypocrite. Me, I don't mind. They did an interesting take on the RC thing, only using Korean shitboxes.

As for the big change, I miss Old Guy. Justin Bieber Guy isn't doing it for me. I think it's the hair.