Which bit of TG you consider the funniest ever?


Nov 20, 2005
Vilnius, Lithuania
I loughed my ass off when some bloke said:

"They're not good. They're french." having in mind FIAT :D

and later in the same episode by the cool wall:

You got a theory on this? cool. kool ... Why did I ask him? no you're not a cool man, you just.. you know you're worse than me :mrgreen:
i loved the prius review - i've never laughed so hard during TG :)
the bit in last weeks ep. with james' umbrella was quite hilarious
always nice to see pure laugh from James, Richard and Jezza when they start laughing which isn't in the scenario :lol: : as Dins said in the last episod when James fell down on the slippery grass
all the used/cheap car bits are always funny.. I love those.
^ idem...especially when the cars brake down all the time...I think that was the funniest.
James' Porsche when it got that unintentional windbrake (The boot)... =)

Also in the "1500? Porsche" show :)
When Jerrmy knocked on the window of the Audi (i think) and said "Wakey wakey stiggy".
^ Same here, and Richard being hypnotized and forgetting how to drive. Then driving off with the blinker and turn signals on and the hatch wide open.

Oh, and the kittens. Yes, the kittens.

Silicone carb...
I know this isn't the funniest moment ever, but this is all that comes to mind now: Whenever JC makes fun of the Mercedes voice-activation system... mainly in the first series episode that he first did it... he looked up and he's like "Where's the sun gone?!?"
Just the intro to the episode with the hovercraft faceplant is soo funny. I nearly died from laughter. The porsche part was hilarious aswell. Hrm, it's so hard to think of things as everything is always top notch..
The SLR vs. Boat episode when Jeremy was documenting the leg of the journey through Holland, and he alluded to the Dutch being on drugs and goes: "Hello Dutchie" and makes that stupid face. That had my laughing for a while.
Can someone enlighten me as to why whenever Clarkson does a Dutch accent, it always sounds like Sean Connery? Is this modelled after a famous Dutchman or something?