Which bit of TG you consider the funniest ever?

These spring to mind:

Jeremy wheeling the Stig in Isle of Man
Stig stalling the TVR in the latest episode
James' monoloque in S5E2(I think) ending with "Sod off!!"
Again James, this time in S2E5(again, IIRC) "...This man, Richard Hammond. Every morning he sticks his head in a bucket of hair products, he's got a dog but that's a poodle..."
Terry Wogan as a star... "See, your too soft for this game"

Perhaps it's because it's still relatively new, but Stig being wheeled by Jeremy few weeks ago is my fave.
Shawn_230 said:
I know this isn't the funniest moment ever, but this is all that comes to mind now: Whenever JC makes fun of the Mercedes voice-activation system... mainly in the first series episode that he first did it... he looked up and he's like "Where's the sun gone?!?"

that was my first taste of TG and that is absolutely hilarious, I remember that part as well :D
Just watched an old ep from May 04 - loved the part when Jezza took off the Germans in his review of the Carrera GT :D :D. Laughed so hard. Actually, it was an all round awesome episode - laughed right through it.
when the three try to figure out the best car in england, with the Noble, the Morgan, and the Rover

i can think of lots of episodes i wouldnt mind declaring as my favorite
Jeremy clapping to the lady's not for turning speech in the Heathrow to Oslo race with the SLR.
New here ! Hi All, read a long time, finally my first post :

I can?t remeber all the great jokes they made and told but I remember the Review of the BMW M6, Aston V8 and the 911 when they guessed why the M6 was so slow in comparism to the 911 and May said "Where did the 140 hp in the M6 go ? I think they are needed to drive the computers" :thumbsup:
1.All of the above
2.All of the below
3.All the stuff you were thinking about saying but didn't
4. Everything else

- Ian Wright as the star guest
- The Stig being wheeled off
- The Parisian car park
- All the races
With regards to this season, the whole segment of the trio standing around in the rain at the finish line was hilarious. I think May slipping and then telling Jezza to quit poking him in the eye with the umbrella was quite :lol:. Seems it's been the episode to beat so far for me in terms of entertainment. I also tend to laugh pretty hard when JC mentions hot hatches:

"With this, you get to [insert mundane daily activity] and then drive home like [make allusion to a problem with one's pants or their contents]"

You all act like little girls who are discussing some gay boy band.

Grow some balls.
You all act like little girls who are discussing some gay boy band.

Grow some balls.
There's no need to be bitter just because the funniest thing on Fifth Gear is Jason's nose...
I get a kick out of whenever JC does an impersonation of someone (especially the germans!).
My uncles are all Dutch, and they actually do sound a bit like Sean Connery lol But Goldmember actually sounds closer to a real Dutchie if you ask me :D
Yes... totally forgot about Goldmember... him too. I guess I've never actually met anyone with a Dutch accent, but still, what's with the enunciation?
Funniest for me was from last season with Jeremy giving you either the option of him describe an engine, or to watch fuzzy kittens frolicking. I was in tears from laughing.

The cool wall is always good, especially last weeks! :lol:

Richard screaming "I, am a driving GOD!!" :lol: