Which car? Poll

Which car? Poll

  • Audi A3

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  • New Audi TT coupe

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  • BMW 325i

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  • Honda Civic SI

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  • VW GTI

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  • Saab 93

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  • Volvo S40

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all of the cars have a reason for buying them, except for the 9-3. People usually only buy the 9-3 if they dont want to be seen in the other cars.
I chose the Civic Si because its interior really is much cooler than anything else in that price range. The 200hp and good handling and relatively lower sticker price doesnt hurt either.
volvo... some say its a boring car and its to safe... all i know it has one of the nicest interiors and is total reliable.

as an everyday car i would choose it. (but maybe take a t5... wont make it tooo boring ;) )
Civic Si.

This is the one I am thinking about:



I'm not sure if you have the newest Si in Europe yet, but this is what it looks like. I sat in one and I think it's a great car. I currently have a Civic DS and I've been very pleased with it, and I'm a mid twenty-something single male. I don't think any of these cars would be good as a first or even second car, most of them have too much power for a relatively unexperienced driver. If I were choosing one that balances reliability, performance and value as a daily driver I would go with the Civic Si. It's a nice upgrade from my '04 DX and I know it's a solid car.
Volvo, I just love how classy they are.
I say the bimmer -- as long as it's not the new, ugly one -- or the Golf, assuming it's four-wheel-drive.
gotta be either the TT, or 325i
GTi, Best value for money, wont hurt your insurance, it will be rare because it will only be in production for 2 years (due to high production costs.) Car has tuning potential, and it has presence. Best bang for your buck especially if its a commuter.
Close call between the Golf & the BMW, but BMW for me for the rear-drive factor.
^good guess, would consider that one as well

but for me it'll be the BMW, it's the only RWD
I am probably going to regret this in more than one way down the line, but I am going to buy an elise. Is there anyone here that lives with this car as a daily driver?