Which celebrity or famous person have you met?

^ :lol: well, we'd like to think that's Joost van den Broek (Laatste Show, other E?n-bands, Flip Kowlier,...). He's probably not really the best drummer, but he most certainly is a very talented drummer.

I've seen a LOT of drumming, but when he played with us my mouth fell wide open and the whole band couldn't stop smiling the whole song. Really impressive stuff.
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Tony Hawk (got a ride in his viper)

:shock: wow, that would be incredible.....how's you pull it off?

Gumball 2003...
I had as much camera gear as the pro photographers so the cops thought i was press as did everyone else (even the pro guys came up to me to talk about my equipment) so they let me have free reign anywhere :D

So anyways, i got a ride, went around the block
probably no one here knows them but I have met most of the pakistani cricket team, we invited some of them for dinner when they toured Zimbabwe ie. Inzimam, Saqlain Mushtaq and Yousuf Yohana (now mohammad Yusuf), infact Mohammad Yusuf has become like a family friend, always gives us free tickets for the matches when he is in the same place as us. Also met Ramiz raja, Aamir sohail, younis khan, mohammad sami, Shoaib Akhtar, Azhar Mehmood, Waqar Younis etc also Dr. Sherafgan a pakistani Minister came to our house when he came for an official visit to Spain.
I met the band Ra at Locobazooka in 2002 and got autographs from them on their debut CD, which was cool (though the CD cost like 30 bucks, damn concert merchandise), as well as the band Lacuna Coil who my friend was a big fan of.

Also, I was within 10 feet of God Himself, Carroll Shelby, at the Rolex Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Park, in addition to saying hello to John Fitch, the only American to ever race with Mercedes in the 50's. If I had known at the time and if I hadn't been so chronically shy I would have spent the rest of the day kissing his feet. :blush:

That's it, unfortunately...I should go stalk Keifer Sutherland or something so I can buy him a drink and watch him attack a Christmas tree. :D
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Well I didn't meet him...but I was within 200ft of Alex Trebek as he was getting arrested by my father in '99 at Ramstein....don't take pictures on a base where you shouldn't :D
I don't remember hearing about this? What happened?
He was doing auditions in Germany for military members to be on Jeopardy, and took pictures in secured/unauthorized zones on the aircraft ramps (marked with red paint) as he did a tour. I was doing career day with my father, and the call came out that there was an unauthorized person in on the bravo ramp ect...ect...

Come to see it was Trebek taking pictures and his agent or whatever of some planes. So my father went over and told him what he did wrong and told him to hand the camera over.

And then the whole "do you know who I am?" celebrity schpiel went on, and my old man goes "yes, and I could care less, now hand over the camera please."

It may not be funny in this post, but the way it was said was just gold :lol:. So he had to go to the Cop Shop on base and have a report written ect..ect.. It was great :thumbsup:
i work as a camera man, so know alot of celbs.... its funny tho when people go up to them and say hello, exspecting a sort of yes i know you, i know who you are sort of thing....

its a laugh for us tho.. well i get a kick out of it :p

also know alot of teh top irish rally drivers, close frinds with them sort of thing..
Will Smith.

No, the other one. I met him at a KFC. No, the white one.

The guy from Tested.com, Adam Savage's Still Untitled podcast

Actually, I didn't meet him...just saw him walk in, order, and wait for his food at the counter. He seemed to not want to be interrupted, so I left him alone.
Because of Parkinsons?
Wow, there's some dust in this thread.

Most recent famous person I've met though, was the first ever Aussie NHL player, and Stanley Cup winner, Nathan Walker.
A few years ago, he played all of two games for the Sydney hockey team I support/work with, and we were given a heads up that he was coming to a game to visit some of his friends (and groomsmen).
He arrived pretty quietly, with his mother and sat in the VIP area until after the game, then he headed into the benches to talk to the boys, and I got a pic, and my jersey signed. Quiet guy, and really small.
Damn, I wasn't even six months into my FG life when this started. I met Mr Regular and the Roman last year at the Coventry meet, they're a great pair and that was a great time.
I met Tony "Baldrick" Robinson on two separate occasions, once at Alton Towers in 1987 and once at a gig at the NEC in Birmingham in 1989 or 1990.

I've also met the TG 3 and Andy Wilman on a number of occasions at Dunsfold.

And discussed the finer points of comedy over a pint with comic Simon Evans at the bar of the Old Market Theatre in Brighton.
I worked as a music journalist while in college. I interviewed Mina Capute when she still was Keith Caputo, among others.
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I saw Manny Pacquiao in Person and I got a picture of him. :)
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As a kid, I was in a Chinese restaurant near Milwaukee, and saw Patrick Duffy (Dallas, Step By Step). His head seemed enormous. Not, ego, just the physical size. My brother and I asked him if he was in town for Harley Fest (the big motorcycle gathering), and he said he was instead in town for a golf tournament...and somehow that was dissapointing to us as kids, even though neither of us were very interested in Harley Davidson motorcycles or culture.

I was at a Mr Bungle concert in Milwaukee in 1999. There were two openers. After the first band had been done for a while, I noticed someone who I thought looked like Mike Patton (lead singer of Mr Bungle, Faith No More, etc) at the bar, nobody paying attention to him. I tried to play it cool and asked him if he was happy with the turnout (it was packed), and he smiled and said he was. While I was telling him that I really loved the new album, I missed that he ordered a beer. We started talking about how long the wait was, that the middle band, Dillinger Escape Plan, hadn't come out yet. He got the beer he ordered, handed it to me*, and said "thanks for coming to the show" and then he left for back-stage. A few mintues later, we could hear some angry loud yelling coming from back stage. Rumor has it Mike Patton went back, and the guys were just hanging out, getting high(er) backstage, while the stage had been set for them for like a half hour. They did come out shortly after, played a short set, and then Mr. Bungle closed out the show after a very quick stage change. From what I understand, it was one of the last shows Dillinger Escape Plan played on that tour. Not sure if their behavior was correlation or causation.

I once sold a lamp to Michelle Pfeifer when I worked at Restoration Hardware. She had on sunglasses, and didn't give her a second thought until she handed me her credit card, and it said "Michelle Kelly", and then it clicked (she was married to TV writer/producer David E. Kelly).

[edit: one additional note: I never liked beer, and I wasn't even 21 yet, but I hung on to it until he walked away...then I gave it to a teenager next to me. 😂]
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