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Which episode??


Mar 27, 2005
Anyone know which is the episode it is where hamster says
'I am a driving god!!' while driving a badass offroad car?
Your too kind Electrastar~Indochine, be a tight arse and make em search for it :twisted: :mrgreen:
I know, I know. Contrary to popular opinion I'm really the proteg? of Snow White, I can charm the tweety birds from the trees to sing with me whilst the other forest animals approach without a single fear to listen to the perfect pitch high notes.

Apart from all that, you're quite right dude, it isn't too :censored: hard to find an ep' guide. :twisted:
Which is the episode where Jeremy makes fun of Hammond for being short?
^ :huh: All of them :lmao:
Sorry for not searching i dedent think many people would request it, I couldent find it in the guides either:p