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Which other automotive forums do you hang out at?

I'm more than happy here :) It covers a range of automotive topics + some great off topic stuff. If I were to expand into a new forum, it'll be Germancarfans.com cos i'm a Merc nut and ppl will understand me more!
being active only here, occasioanlly i peek into some other forums if im looking for some pictures, or if someone gives me a link to some interesting stuff.

oh, i do look into tremek.com on a once a week basis or so to see some new videos :)
This and on occasion I go to j-body.org for my car's needs...or if I a really bored :bangin:
Pretty much the only forum I post on regulary, automotive or not.

I lurk on couple of others... Car-related ones are rennlist.com and local Porsche-club forum.
Just this one. ^_^
It's not only the only automotive one, but the only one period.