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which program do you like better to pgear or 5th gear?

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I used to like Fifth Gear nearly as much, but with the new season of Top Gear... :?
i think the new series of fifth gear kick ass. i've enjoyed every episode i've seen so far. the deal with car things which aren't seen very often, and are not strictly related to cars. that's good, or they just would be a copy of top gear.
Certain car reviews by Fifth Gear were quite good, but overall Top Gear is a better show. There are always some boring parts in between car reviews in Fifth Gear.
i like the reviews of Top Gear alot better, all the hosts do a really good job...

on 5th gear, its just something about the big dude with long hair and vicki that annoy me alot...it seems so scripted from them...Tiff is the only good one, but his reviews get boring cause he seems to say the same thing in every review...
the reason why i think top gear is so good is coz they have 3 presenters all of which have very differnt ideas on whats an ideal car and so it kinda cuts down on the bias shite a little
Ya, I think we need to cut down on the ammount of repeat threads. Things are getting a bit repetitive. :|

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