Royal Lochnagar. The standard 12yo is fine, not had a chance to try the older ones but have had the Distillers Edition 12yo which while very nice didn't seem to be much if any different from the standard bottling.

By far my favourite whisky, I miss it terribly over here in NZ - eventually found a shop willing to get it for me but at roughly 6x the cost back home! Decided I'll just wait and treat myself. Great little distillery too, set in beautiful Aberdeenshire Deeside countryside near Balmoral - I'd recommend it for anyone who finds themself in that part of Scotland.


Aside from my favourite I'm partial to Glenlivit, the cask strength is particularly good. Highland Park is always a safe bet and most bars will have it, certainly prefer it over Glenmorangie and Glenfiddich which also seem to be very common worldwide.

Springbank 10yo is very good and one of the few Cambeltown whiskies, another highland recommendation is Old Pulteney for something quite distinctive but very drinkable.

At the cheaper end of the scale Aberlour 10yo is good for the price, can get it for less than ?20 a bottle quite frequently back in Scotland.
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my current favorite (a relatively modest $45)

Yamazaki 12 year


Nice and citrus-y, with a bit of berries n banana on the nose and probably some other flavors but years of work in a Thai restaurant have rendered my senses useless :p
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