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Who are the worst road users in your country

Who are the worst road users in your country

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  • Volvo drivers

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  • Don't be so stereotypical

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Sep 16, 2004
surrey, UK
Defender 90, suzuki SJ410, Suzuki DL-650
Got this idea from another thread, I say mercs
Mercs seem to be driven more by older women, so they are the bad. In the Toronto suburbs Mercs are always driven by Asian women, no offense to the the Asians on the board, but Asian women are the WORST drivers!

Its old people not admitting they shouldn't be driving when the weather is not all bright and sunny... Going 50 or 60 km/h where 100 are allowed and forcing others to overtake them... If you pass them and have a glimpse off their faces you see fear... BAD THING... When I'm 70 or 80 and against all odds lost the fun in driving and fear takes over... I'll return my license. And so should everybody else...

Women who drives SUV bought by their rich husbands are even worse... they just think they own the road because they have a X5 or Range-rover... wtf... but some of them are hot so when they cut me off.... I just smile :D
Seriously merc drivers are horrible.

On christmas eve, we saw this guy get hit crossing the street, and he was laying in the middle of the intersection. I parked my car and turned on the hazards, and went to help and call 911. Then this idiot pulls up behind me in an e-class and starts honking at me to move! and here i am trying to help this guy who has been hit by a car! So I go over to him and start yelling at him and he just drives off. Idiot. Then no less than 5 minutes later, another merc comes up and does almost the same thing, although by that time the cops/fire/ambulance were there and they went yelling at them. Those 2 drivers were the only ones who honked or complained or anything. Oh and the guy who got hit, he ended up dieing. Stupid merc drivers, I guess they think that they are better than all of us. :thumbsdown:
Those people piss me off too, always merc drivers, with their white blouses and that blue-ish glow in their car from that glass-roof... :thumbsdown:
I can't believe what some Volvo drivers do over here. Last summer I was driving on a normal country road behind 5-8 cars or something. The road was curving a bit to the left, and I could see only about 200 meters ahead so there was a yellow line which over here signals that passing is not allowed. Suddenly a Volvo goes past me, passes all of the cars ahead of me and just misses a car which came from the other direction. I couldn't believe my eyes. Nobody shouldn't be in such a hurry that they have to perform a stunt like that.

When I was still driving a scooter, Volvo drivers seemed to be the ones who had the strongest passion to get past me. No matter what kind of a situation, no matter if I was speeding, they just had to get past me.

And recently I have had a few encounters with Volvo drivers on motorways. When I try to go past them and get at their side, they suddenly start accelerating and try to keep me behind them. That is a thing which I will not tolerate, and usually over 150km/h is required to teach these drivers a lesson.

It's just a shame these people won't even die in accidents, because they drive Volvos. :?
i live next to the French border so we get a lot of daily commuters from their side...FRENCH DRIVERS SUCK!!! with their weird ass Renault Meganes that look like spaceships... they think theyre the king of the road...i know this is a poll regarding the type of cars driven but i heard earlier sum1 talkin bout Asian women so here u go...
The worst drivers are the people who drive Audi stationwagons, preferably with green licenseplates.

Edit: I forgot, also those who drive 20 km/h slower than the speed limit because they talk or text using a mobile (esp. in the 50 km/h zone)
Dutch drivers w/ or w/o caravans! :p

No offense! ;)

People who drive old mercs :thumbsdown:

They think their old merc is the best car in the world, like when you park next to them, they stare at you like your going to scratch their car, which already has all these scratches on it. :roll:

But the worst of all is New York City taxi drivers...... :?
You guys gave some really good examples for bad driving... So true... Especially Audi Station wagons and VW Passat Tdi shit...

They think having a diesel makes sooo much faster than everybody. What they don't realize is, that the max power is just on 2-3 thousand revs below a diesel engine and they already got the max the engine can give... Can cause some big trouble...

Still, I'll stick to my old scared people thingy ;-)

People in SUVs...add if they're in the number one lane they'll go too slow, and you don't know if there is anyone if front because their ASS is too big. And they like to cut you off, when they do that to another motorist who is graceful about it, I cut off the offending SUV-no signal either, just like they do it :D- And some pick up truck drivers, not the regular one's but the "off road" ones. I encounter that shit everday on the highways in Houston :x
Anyway, yeah, I'm getting pissed just thinking about...*woosah* :D
"And recently I have had a few encounters with Volvo drivers on motorways. When I try to go past them and get at their side, they suddenly start accelerating and try to keep me behind them. That is a thing which I will not tolerate, and usually over 150km/h is required to teach these drivers a lesson."

Sorry to say this but that volvodriver would probably be me if it was in sweden.

I just hate to be overtaken on the motorway, if it's a twolane motorway without opposite trafic i can do anything to not be overtaken (and i know it's stupid as hell). The day i bought my car and was heading home on the freeway a S55 Amg merc overtok me and i knew i was in a losing battle from the start but i gave it all i got. Ended up doing 240km/h and i guess he did 250km/h (mercs have a speedlimiter there). Did that for like 50km (well not 240km/h but around 200) and then gave him a warninglight flash to end a god battle and exited the freeway. So if your up against me i hope you have a car to prove it.

So i'l guess the worst cardrivers in sweden have to be me (volvo) and that merc guy(but he had norwegian regplates). And i can't vote for both so i voted merc! :roll: