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Who i really am


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
yea well, been here for a while, kinda sucks pretending to be someone.
i am jason chiu. but i am really 16 turning 17 and the GTR.........is my dads.

yeah well there we go. i'm sure half the people here act. i know for certain, and i bet my life and dog on it that one more person here is acting. hes a psot whore as well

o and everything i say is ture except my age and who owns the gtr and thats bout it

yeah ban me if u want :)
ok... we joined the forum as a bet to see if we can piss people off and all... but then as we started posting... we started to love this forum more and more... plus the people were really helpful and we thought most of these people were like 30 and we might feel left out being only 17... when we decided to not fuck around and do some proper posting and found out everyone around here was about the same age as us... we didn't know how to admit it... so yea... me and jasonchiu have decided to admit it now

btw... the rx-7 is my cousins...
if I don't get banned... I'll post some pics of it before he drove it to the new owner :cry: on another thread later
Banned? Nah, but thanks for telling us the truth. :)

I can see how it starts with a little white lie and then it just keeps growing, but let this be a lesson on why not to lie in the first place. :p
we thought this would be like those other forums where we post some crap and piss you people off and then the whole forum would come after you and ban you... but you guys seemed nice treating us even though we made some stupid comments... so we stopped and moved our stupid posting somewhere else

thx alot viper ;)
:lol: man, gots to laugh .... BUT-kids will be kids :D

I sure don't mind, and I'm CERTAIN I would be the same way if I was 16 again, go on the net to piss people off.... but I really - really love this forum so much, and I would never jeopardize my trust in the members of the forums ...

@ Jason and Andy: you are two brave little bastards, I give you cred for your honesty :)

Welcome back, one should say :p

Am I just too emotional or is this touching?
I can definitely imagine where you're coming from.... Thanks for telling us the truth!
I always thought jason was a lot younger, your talk shows :p
jasonchiu: don't you feel honesty pays? ;)

Let's hope your next 2206 posts will be da truth, the whole truth and nuttn but the truth :lol: But seriously, I really don't mind chatting/posting with people your age at all.

no all the stuff i say is true. except when i refer to the gtr as being mine, its actually my dad's. so when i say we go 220 on the highway on a 1/2 KM stright, i;m not jokin honeslty. well i donno the exact length but its short.
I can see where both of you come from, you have access to cool cars and want everyone online to think you're cool because it's your car. I did the same thing with some cars when I was about 14 or 15.

Best to eventually admit you're lying, or it gets too big to handle. ;)

I admire both of you for owning up to it. :thumbsup:
haha andrew (andy )has come clean
im his class mate...we in the same college...he told me to be his work buddy...tats y andy crashed a car goin at 40km...cuz he was inexperience....i nearly did wit andy in the car...hahah..now i can make fun of andy wit the truth
hahahahaha thats funny ahhh...
well... my cousin did finally sell his RX-7... I'm pretty close to him and I go to workshops to get his rx-7 fixed so thats how I know so much about his car and all the problems he enountered... sry abt it jos... you can block me on msn if you want... I'm cool with it ;)
At least you are honest about it. The burden was getting a bit heavy hm.

Since you have confessed, the GTR sig should be changed. I've already made one for you.
hehehehe, yeah you should put that on for a while maybe as a punishment jason :p
Could do with adding "cuz I'm 17" part too :p
HAHAHA AS MUCH AS I'D LIKE TO BELIEVE THIS, IT'S ALL BULL! WOOHOO! I think i drank too much... of water.