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Who is presenting the new series???


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Nov 4, 2005

I just want to know if anyone has any information on who is presenting the new season of Top Gear.

Is it Jeremy or Sabine????

if anyone knows something pls tell me!
I heard it was Tiff Needle with Jay Leno are presenting next season. THe old cast got fired for smuggeling 84 kilos of cocain to sweden is some kinda fast Mercedes.
Yea i heard they were goin to rename it "Sabines 'Ring Rompus Hour" :lol:
Top Gear is now a show about how to make your home more beautiful, to the MAX! so Martha Stewart and Rowan Atkinson are obviously gonna be the presenters.
Sabine, Sabine, Sabine.

(Crappy picture, I know. She's camera shy or something I bet.)

Oh, and Michael Gambon is the new Stig.

(If you're offended by this, don't be. We're just all being silly.)
KryptonZone said:
Talking 'bout Mr Bean... Why have they not got him to do the lap in the little blue car? Isn't he supposed to be rather keen with the racing scene?

Back to the point however, GO MARTHA! WOOHOO! Give that show a make-over! :woot:
he's got an F1 and one of the few NSX's in the UK, along with some other cool cars (dont know what they are though :p ) so yea, he seems to be into cars.
He seems a dick in real life though, typical pompus english one. Even though hes a genious comedy wise.
:lmao: @ this thread
KryptonZone said:
"On tonight's Top Gear, Mr Bean is our new Stiggy-bird. Sabine is the new Hamster. And m' back is still broken.... Welcome to a new series of Top Gear!"


:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
:lol: Oh, and get this, the series is going to keep its name but the material would be replaced with a certain Drive TV show :lol:

This is a joke, please do not kill yourself.