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who would want other shows to be recorded??

who would want other shows to be recorded??

  • just 5thG and TG

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  • F1 season races

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  • WRC races

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  • shows on the speed channel

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  • other car shows on BBC

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  • more than one show listed here

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justin syder

Well-Known Member
Dec 8, 2003
New York, USA
1986 Mercedes-Benz 300E
would anyone like to have other shows to be recorded?

maybe F1 season races and WRC too? other shows?

i'd like the F1 season to be recorded and would not mind distributing them to take pressure off the recorders as recording is enough work.
Well...I would like other shows such as WRC recorded or maybe some BBC shows featuring Jeremy Clarkson would be nice. I would help in the distribution as I agree with Justin tat recording is enuff work. :)
me and you can be in charge of the F1 and WRC vids, we only need recorders now.
i would record all of them but it is too much for me i think
Yeah, you do enough as it is VUK. Don't worry about it. :)
maybe oliB could help record non 5thG/TG ???

xkwilson cross ur fingers.
Mmmhh, maybe a problem is that I live in Germany... :wink:
(and my HDD is full)

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

looks like me and xkwilson wont be able to get our shows...unless we bribe VUK. jk

VUK if we could work something out like me and wilson would handle ur transfers to ppl that need vids could you record f1+wrc? if its impossible let me know, i think that me and wilson wouldnt mind being in charge of distributing vids to those who might normally ask u. older eps, non bittorent stuf etc.
Oh...tat's too bad! But it will be taxing for VUK if he record all the shows. Maybe some selected shows will be nice. I dun mind doing the transfer and the stuff as I have the bandwidth from my Uni T1 connection.
There's more than Top Gear on the BBC?

Formula One races from the ITV feed would be nice...Speed's race commentary is not up to ITV's par...and I don't know enough French to follow the telecast out of Quebec.
No F1 Rally or anything for me but American stuff / review shows from the Speed Channel would be nice since I don't get them here :)

and unlike my Canadian brother I speak french so I can follow F1 if I want but mehh I just don't like it anymore
anything good on speed tv like a regular show? i know it has good stuff on there but a regular series like top gear etc.

does speed carry f1??? i didn't know that.
not to a spammer, lol lol.
lol I thought you were talking to me but it kinda made no sence at all :?
take a look there guys and let me know
if there is something u'd like to see
i'll be recording the WRC off speedTV
for my own archiving, if u'd like me
to share it i'll be happy to :D
WRC!!! :D
im glad i started this.

if u can record this ep ill appreciate it,

F1 Decade ? Highlights of the 1994 Formula 1 season
San Marino Fri, Apr 2 1am

its a long time from now and a bit late but let me know what u can do.