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Whole seasons available?


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Jun 5, 2004
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First, I'm surprised to see my s/n is still active after so long. I actually reregistered and found it was still active, then I guessed the p/w. So it's good to be back!

I've kept up with the whole BBC Torrent thing so I know what happened. But I'm curious if there are whole season torrents out there? The sites I have checked have only the 1st (Jabba's World crappy quality) and the list is sketchy & seems like it was collected from different sources/compressions. But with 2-4 being available could anyone clue me in (discreetly) on if this available?

BTW, I've since switched to a Mac since I've last been here. And let me tell you, the Spotlight Feature + episode rundowns makes finding the right video effortless. :)
Through mininova, I'm currently downloading season 2, not sure of the quality but the average size seems tobe about 300mb so it shoudl be decent quality.

One of the problem is that the encoding technology available back then was so much worse then it is now. So yeah, I'm leeching and willl be seeding series 2 and not sure what other seasons there are out there.
I had season 1 and 2 seeding for a couple days last week, bummer, I was seeding at close to 200k per connection too.
Shwang said:
One of the problem is that the encoding technology available back then was so much worse then it is now.

lol. True. "Back then" haha It sounds like you're referring to the 1930's... lol
This is what I accumulated from here plus a good part of season 2. The season 1 I have is iffy and I don't think season 4 is complete. Or was that the short one?

Do I have my seasons f'd up? Are we on 4 or 5?

By the way that season 2 from Mininova incorectly has included episode 3x06 (Monaro) titled 2x06 and doesn't have the correct one.

episode 2x06 should be the evo vs sti

good thing I already had the real 2x06 to replace it.

and the version of 3x06 that was in the season 2 was better quality than what I already had.

So a good time was had by all