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Why hasn't the Stig driven the DB9 around the track?

I think he did, wasn't that the one that gave thema lot of problems with he gearbox?
I think JC said something like "it set off 3 weeks before it finished" ;)
that was the vanquish... maybe because they did the vanquish they wont do the db9? i dunno
but JC did say how much it lapped in one of the eps.. i asked that question last year.. and got the answer later in the series..
in the ep when JC was putting times on the power lap board for the 575 and the vanquish, he also told the time of the DB9 which is around 1:27 mark.
didn't the stig have a major spin in the DB9?

like he was so far in the grass, he couldn't even see the street no more, i remember sth like that
nah that was the vanquish, he went out in the vanquish on the wettest day of the year and flew off the circuit. If you watch the episode with the Vanquish S and the Ferrari 575 GTC they said that the db9 got exactly the same time as the Vanquish S because the gearbox in the vanquish is so shocking
Like Thantos said, the episode when they were putting the 575 and Vanquish S around the track, he gave the time for the DB9 and it was exactly the same as the Vanquish S.

I once say a DVD or somthing along those lines..... on Top Gear.

There was a picture of a black/dark blue DB9 Coupe on the track on the blurb