"Why I Left Jihad"


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Jan 10, 2004
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Firecat said:
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zenkidori said:
it's the conservatives word for people who disagree. I myself am not a liberal, but Justin would tell you otherwise.
What exactly are you then? Im not saying that being a liberal implies a negative, insultative conotation, but from what I have seen, you do have liberal views. Again, not a bad thing... just those are your views.
This could be a an interesting topic. It depends on what you are looking at. Are we talking about politcal views on the economy or society in general?

Gay marriage would probably fall under the liberal spectrum. What about being anti-Iraq war, where would that fall under? As I mentioned before, old school conservatives (i.e. the real conservatives) were most likely against the war. I'm not sure things are so black and white anymore, and classifying people as "liberal" or "conservative" doesn't really encompass that persons true indentity.

I don't consider myself liberal (and for the most part, I dislike many politicians and others that consider themselves "liberal" in todays politcal world). If I were to slap a label onto myself, it would most likely be "leftist"....but as I mentioned before, I share many views with paleoconservatives. There are similarities between certain aspects of the right and left

Also, the politcal spectrum is very broad. What some might consider liberal over here in the States, may be moderate in Canada...each country or society has a different political spectrum.
Id say we are talking in general which is kinda difficult. Because, myself, I generally have conservative (american conservative) values but I tend to have more democratic views on economic issues.

What is interesting is the difference in meaning of the terms in different countries, as you mentioned. I know that a Conservative in America would be the equivalent of a Liberal in the UK, and vice-versa.


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Jun 12, 2005
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Liberal has come to be a dirty word to many on the right side of things, but it really depends on what the subject is. There are social policies, economic policies, international policies, etc. and you can have any amount of views on each of them, and they don't necessarily conflict if you are "liberal" on one and "conservative" on another.

I define conservatives and liberals as those who label themselves as such and follow the lead of others who label themselves as such. My allegiance lies with no political party but with the ideals of freedom and justice, fair trade and prosperity. I believe that man is inherently niether good nor evil, but can be made as such.