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Widebody - Porsche Boxster by TecArt


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Oct 4, 2004
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Widebody - Porsche Boxster by TecArt
Published: December 3rd, 2005

World Premiere at the Essen motor Show 2005

Athletic beauty: The TechArt Widebody based on the Porsche Boxster of the 987 model range doesn?t only offer spectacular design but also extra driving fun and agility. After the huge success of the Widebody concept for the first Boxster generation, TechArt Automobildesign (developed a wide body version for the current version of the roadster.

With the add-on fender flarings on front and rear axle the TechArt Widebody is eight centimeters wider than the standard car. The front extensions don?t only provide extra room inside the wheel houses but also improve the deventilation of the heated up air with their integrated wheel-house ventilation. The rear flarings are equipped with largely dimensioned air ducts to bring fresh air to the centrally placed engine.

Apart from spectacular, sporty design the TechArt designers of course paid attention to optimal aerodynamic efficiency. The TechArt front spoiler bumper reduces the lift at the front axle and improves the cooling of the front brakes with large air ducts. The TechArt rear apron with integrated diffuser rounds out the conversion.

Extremely broad wheels and tires make the TechArt Widebody concept for the Boxster complete: Specially for this wide body version they developed custom-made versions of the one-piece TechArt Formula five spoke wheel. The front axle is equipped with wheels in size 8.5Jx20, the rear axle is equipped with 11Jx20 wheels.

After extensive test drives, TechArt Automobildesign recommends ContiSportContact 2 high performance tires in sizes 235/30 ZR 20 front and 305/25 ZR 20 rear for the Widebody based on the Porsche Boxster. The height-adjustable TechArt sport suspension is specially set-up for these ultra-wide wheels and tires and the wider track of the car. The coil-over suspension doesn?t only provide an individual damping of the roadster but also lowers the two-seater car by some 25 millimeters. Boxster models with PASM system can be updated with the sporty set up TechArt coil over sport suspension.

TechArt also offers engine tuning for the Widebody. The two watercooled six-cylinder boxer engines can be upgraded with the TechArt power kits. They each consist of a sport air filter and newly programmed engine electronics. The result: 15 hp / 11 kW extra power and optimized road performance.

Being world-wide renowned specialists for exclusive interiors, TechArt provides individual full leather trims in all colors and designs. The range reaches from completing the ex-works leather trims up to a completely redesigned cockpit with special sports seats and ergonomically shaped airbag sports steering wheel.

Not a fan of that weird diffusor, but other than that I think it's awesome. :thumbsup:
That big join where the front guard extension joins to body is :yucky:. Looks like some CGT inspiration at the rear, but on whole I'm not a fan - too dramatic a look for me.
I like the front guard. Makes the Boxter look sexy. The rear is a bit too much for my likeing...looks like an aligator has taken a bite out of it!

But WTF have they done to the interior :bangin:
Looks faster than it is which is a bad thing. Wow. An extra 11kW, that's amazing (sarcasm rife in that sentence)
the bad fittings make it look really.... ricish (or how you call it)

also dont like the renault-coloured interior
I didn't mind the exterior, doesn't look too bad, not even the weird rear, but that interior... :yucky: What were they thinking?
why do they want the front to look like a cayenne :?
Ehh, I don't like it.

I like the interior actually, but I don't like the body kits, the front looks wierd with those two lights under the main lights, and the gaps between the body panels looks like its not fitting together properly. And the back is just not looking too good.
interior really sucks.. looks back at the 997 techart :drool: