Windows 7 Network Bridge / Share Wireless Connection (FIXED)


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May 3, 2006
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This is a slightly convoluted problem so I'll try and explain what I need to do first and then what I've tried.
There are various parts to it:
The main computer (where the "network" drive is located) wired to a Wireless Router
Three laptops with Wifi which connect to the network drive over Wifi.
One non wifi computer which also needs to connect to the network drive.

Unfortunately the three laptops and the other wired computer are too far away from the main computer to have a wired connection.
Basically I need a way of connecting the other computer to one of laptops so it can share it's wireless signal and access the network drive.

I understood that I could achieve this by bridging the wireless and wired connections on the laptop. This is connected through a Belkin wired router to the other computer. Unfortunately this doesn't work. The laptop says the connections are bridged but I have lost all connections on the Wifi side of it. All the laptop can now see is the wired computer also connected to the hub and vice versa. I have disabled the firewall on the Belkin wired router.
Is this possible and if it is what am I doing wrong?

Edit: I was being a moron, the wired router isn't needed. Connected the laptop to the computer directly and it works.
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