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Windows mod pages?


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Jul 29, 2005
Marion, Iowa
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Hey guys,
I used to go to Deskmod.com almost every day trying to look for good mods to have on my computer, before it went to "Deskmod Lite", and everyone started armageddon. And in mods I mean like StyleXP, Rainlender, stuff like that. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good site to go to? I put in "windows mods" in google and I get BS forum pages and sites that make me want to cry. Much appreciated all who help! :thumbsup:
astroboymoto said:
http://www.apple.com/switch/ :mrgreen: :thumbsup: :lol:

Haha!.. Will never happen im not a media designer or a child.
TY guys.... :thumbsup:
Buba said:

I posted it before, but the Forum had a timeout on me...

best one EVER
Bah, I hate those custom thingys. Who needs it's disk space and cpu temprature displayed on the desk all the time. Looks nice the first moment but gets pretty useless after a while. Plus most of them tend to eat up your ram.

There are only two custom programs you'll ever need. The first one is UXTheme.dll and the second one is this very nice expos? clone for XP. http://www.otakusoftware.com/topdesk/

In order to make your desk better looking, install a theme from the pages above and get yourself a nice wallpaper.