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Windows Update Through Firefox


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Feb 8, 2005
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Didn't see this posted before:

Here's a site that allows you to run Windows Update using Firefox:


May come in handy for those who are fed up with IE or have problems with the Validation process (since even people with valid keys sometimes have trouble with that). I just tried it: works great! You do have to install their plugin.

I found the link posted at UKnova, so others have tested it as well.
Niiiiiice! Glad to see that; 2 years ago I went from IE to Netscape, then to Firefox...funny how I havent had any browsing problems since then...
Hmm thanks Jeffy, my friend gave me this .dll file that you put into your System32 folder after you download the genuine check from windows, then you can do updates from their website. This however will be useful as well.
super :thumbsup: :thumbsup: need to format badly but haven't done it yet since i had no way to do the updates afterwards

and i'd be interested in that dll as well...
I use the IE Tab extension for my Windows updating. It also allows you to render IE-only pages within Firefox...