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Windoze Media...


Dec 9, 2003
statesboro, ga

So far the new site and BitTorrent distribution system is working GREAT for me. I do have one small suggestion/request, tho.

If at all possible, could you avoid using WMP in the future? I like to burn the episodes to DVD and watch 'em on TV. This is possible with Divx, AVI, QuickTime, etc., but WMP cannot be converted...at least not with the software I have on my Mac.

Thanks! I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have been doing.
VUK, do .AVi or Divx's if you want but NEVER EVER go with Quicktime! it's evil! :evil:
divxs is fine.
New episodes are already gonna be in DivX instead of WMP9. :)
but it will be able to be played through WM9 right?
yeah same here, i have divx but i really would rather have it in WMP, its my main player.
Yes, you can view DivX videos in WMP.
If any of you have a Mac (or run Linux) try MPlayer. It plays just about everything: MPEG, most QuickTime, Divx, and most WMP (except for the really new stuff)...dunno 'bout Real.
guys most players will play the different media formats so long as
you have all the codecs installed
wmp9 DL's codec automat so that's cool
but sometimes it won't play certin vids
i use VLC in that case, video lan player...
for windows google it works great
Why do you hate QuickTime? Just curious, really. Unlike Real and WMP, it actually uses open standards like MPEG instead of the proprietary and closed codecs from MS. Once something is converted to WMP, in most cases it's locked into it. QuickTime, OTOH, can freely and easily convert any of the files it can read into a multitude of other formats. I like having the flexibility to repurpose my files and not necessarily having to watch them on the computer.

I realize that QuickTime on Windows is a little sluggish...that's understandable...Apple's in the business to sell Macs, you know. The same thing can be said about WMP for Mac. ;)
'Cause you HAVE to play QuickTime stuff with the horrible player, QuickTime.
Viper007Bond said:
'Cause you HAVE to play QuickTime stuff with the horrible player, QuickTime.

and it's for macintosh therefore

*insert puke smilie here* :lol:
The bittorrent is working fine for me -- a bit slow, but I guess that will get better with the http downloads.

You'll find some downloads via HTTP in the "Seeders" forum. ;)