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WinXP Pro File Sharing Problem


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Apr 5, 2005
Adelaide - Australia
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my friend is over and we cant get lan to work
when it asks for a password he types it in properly but it says
Logon faliure : the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

i can see his comp in my network places and he can see mine but he cant access it.

we are able to ping eachothers computers, and i can copy files from his shared folders, but he cannot access any of my shares because of this user/pass error
On his computer:

Username: YourComputerName\AccountName
Password: ThePasswordToYourAccount
I've tried that aswell, and i have also removed the guest password, but i still keep getting a prompt for user/pass on the other computer, and it still fails, no matter what details enter. I also tried accessing the shares on this computer via my laptop, and that comes up with the same error
Just setup an FTP. :p
We did :p
Gotta figure out howto share internet onto the other computer now :cry:
Do you not have a router?
they must have a router if they are on the network together.

FOr my network at home, none of the comptuers have login/passwords. So all we have ot do is type "//" to connect to the specific computer. then look at the shared folders on there and just d/l like mad.
AxlxA said:
they must have a router if they are on the network together.

not necessarily, if they set static ip, you can do it with a hub, and if you have a crossed cable, you can do it without anything
Create a same "john doe" user on both PC's and give it the same password for both.