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Wireless Networking


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Jun 7, 2004
Ottawa, Canada
Anybody done much of this? All I want is to connect my laptop with this PC. The laptop has wireless networking built in and I have my eyes on this card for the desktop, they both use the 54g protocol. The main thing I want is file sharing though games and internet connection sharing would be nice. The main thing is that the laptop is XP home and the pc is 98SE. Anyone done anything like this before? I shouldn't need a router should I? Any helpful tips or advice?
I think you'll need a router if you're going to want to connect to the net, but I hate networking, so I'm not sure.
That should be fine, your'l need to link as an ad-hoc network (PC to PC).

Thoose belkin cards aren't bad, I've had them running on 98 boxes before, your do need the latest version of windows MSI installer to run the driver installer.


Which PC do you use your broadband on?, I'm guessing the PC ethier way it's dead easy as both OS come with internet sharing builtin.

A router would be better than adhoc as they are easy to configure and give you a bit more flexability.
If you have adsl I reccomend one with a built in modem, it makes life a lot easier.

Good Luck
doing it at the moment get yourself a broadband router and your almost there. are you cable or ADSL? if you have a router you can hardwire your main PC and just use wireless for the laptop, why introsduce extra lag of wirless on your desktop.
what's your current internet connection?
1 desktop with 98SE
1 laptop with XP home


i have currently
verizon dsl
linksys 54g routger
2 desktops wired into the router
1 laptop with linkys 54g card
1 desktop with dlink 54g card

all are running xp pro sp2

u should run a router with a firewall if u have a
always on internet connection

xp sp2 has MUCH better wireless support so
make SURE you have sp2 ...

i'd kill 98 and get xp pro on that desktop machine
it'll save u a lot of trouble....
I have ADSL directly connected to this PC, I'm hesitent to upgrade 98se to xp because of the cost, I want to try and get it working without if possible. If needs be I can upgrade but I'd rather not. If I can get an ad hoc network running now all the better, I'll get a router and start connecting the other PCs in the house when I get a bit more time, I'm only home for another few weeks and with work and festivities time is limited!
You shouldn't need a router to do this. Your internet connection is already set up on your PC, so all you need to do is set up the Wireless network (ad hoc) with your laptop, and then share the internet connection across your network. Just make sure you secure your wireless network with a pass phrase or something, otherwise anyone within a reasonable radius of your house will milk your internet connection!!!

Good luck with it

I don't really see the problem with some1 milking my net - I mean they're not exactly just going to stand outside my house and leech. And if they're really that desperate to use the internet then I'll let em!
I'll order the card tommrow and see how it goes!

Top gear and other stuff is filling the HD of my laptop fast (6 gig of top gear, and that's only from yousendit as bittorrent is blocked in uni!) so I want to back it up on my pc at home. Also I want to start putting them on DVDs but as I want them in some sort of order and half are on my laptop and half on the PC I want to organise them all.
thats why I bought a DVD burner... TG was really taking up too much space on my HD... aside from that... I still have almost every episode of friends (just missing some season 9 episodes)... wondering if anyone can help me... and currently compiling Joey and Amazing race... so my HD is really filling up fast... I almost maxed out 2 120gb HD :lol:
I'm about to burn DVD #121 (none are DVD copies), that makes for about 500GB of "stuff" :mrgreen: .
guys can i have some advice on a program to find wireless networks and at the same time able to use the program to connect to them
I bought and fitted the card but I cannot get the network to work. They both see eachother as is shown:


But none of the stuff I share can be seen on either machine, any ideas?
We've got 2 networks at home, one of which is wireless but I've got no clue on how it works
I've got a WiFi setup here, with my main desktop PC and DSL modem wired to a Linksys router, and a second desktop PC with Win98SE using an external USB adapter.

(I'm anxious to ditch the Win98 PC for a Mac, BTW.)

Somehow my visiting uncle brought his laptop over and while he can connect to the network, he can't get on to the internet. Although both of our PCs connect to the net fine.
you need to set ip addresses, you can do that manually for starters, give the win98 machine the ip and subnet, and give the laptop and subnet
then try to ping.

if you want to do the internet sharing thing, you need to run an internet-sharing app, windows XP has a built-in one, i believe some version of win98 as well, but it would be easiest if you install winroute firewall on the pc that has an internet connection.
after you installed it and configured it the right way, you would need to set the client (the laptop in your case) back to "ip is DHCP assigned" instead of "manually assigned".