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.wmv to .gif


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Feb 2, 2004
San Diego
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I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could convert ?.wmv? to ?.gif? or if you can do this for me if I send the file to you.

Your payment would be being able to see one fuck funny ass video and the praise of all my friends and me.

Thank you
There probably isn't a program that will convert it in one step, you'll probably need a program that saves all the frames of a wmv file to pictures and then another that will compile those pictures in a gif.

Look at www.videohelp.com or www.doom9.org, you'll probably find what you need there.
.wmv is a movie file. but u can take screens and save as .gif
If you have Adobe ImageReady (comes w/Photoshop starting @ ver. 5) you can just drag it into the program and it'll convert it into an animated gif. Or you can just pull the frame you want.
CarreraGT said:
.wmv is a movie file. but u can take screens and save as .gif
Yes, but there are conversion tools.