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Wolfpack Crusing Club's first Powertour


Dec 9, 2004
the Wolfpack is a local car crusing club i belong to here in Alberta alot of members, some with 400-500hp car and others with show cars. But on saturday we all left from Edmonton to go to Calgary then Banff and finally Jasper where we all camped and partied that night. Ended up being a 11hour drive due to some heavy rain. So i figure i would post up some pictures (might be more to come aswell)





I belive two of them are around 350ish, but what i said in the chat is there are other people in the club that have that amount of HP, but usually a 400-500hp car isnt a great crusier so they where not on the cruise

I wasn't reading in the chat :roll:

you should just name it the Mustang club of Alberta..
Yeah, there's a camaro, a 300ZX, and damn what is that pos pontiac on the end......grand am I think.
the grand am owner actually owns a mustang but he didnt want to bring it :p
my friend has a very very clean 86 mustang lx with a cleveland 302 and gt40 heads. its completely built and has about 325 whp. he has kept the exterior completely stock. he even has the stock wheels. man is it fun to mess with people in that thing... ill see it tomorrow and i might snap a pic. im going over there because my exhaust is finally going on!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: