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Jan 28, 2007
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Anyone play? I have a few different lines I'm grinding out, but my main one is a Tier 8 Pershing. I'm about halfway to the M46 Patton
Haven't personally played on 360, played the last 6 months of Beta on PC and sporadically for the last three years, have ended up uninstalling the game not long ago because I can't stand the grinding anymore to get where I need to go. Running multiple Tier 6s and 7s at the same time is a huge time sucker.....
Never played this but all I've heard is that it's dominated by kids and is based around micro transactions making you pay to progress.
Never played this but all I've heard is that it's dominated by kids and is based around micro transactions making you pay to progress.

Nah, I've been playing for free all the way. It gets tough to advance past Tier 8 without purchasing gold, but its not impossible. If you play smart, you can take the kids to school
Been playing the PC version for a while now. Probably too much.
Got the current hang out of this one, the only PC game I play since about a year. On and off mostly, but recently I play it a few times in a week.

Note that I haven't spend any money on it. (Can't stand the smarmy mini-transaction nonsense). Hence it took me quite a while to grind myself through the Tiers and it seems Tier 7 and upwards is the point where you would loose credits just by playing for free (I'm only average), so I stopped there to end the grind nonsense to head back to the lower Tiers to have fun.

I only have 5 tanks:
- Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. C (Tier 3 light)
- VK 16.02 Leopard (Tier 5 light)
- Cromwell (Tier 6 medium)
- VK 36.01 (H) (Tier 6 heavy)
- M44 (Tier 6 artillery)

The tank I play the most by far is the Tier 3 Pz 1C. I just love this little thing. As usual with a light tank you're low Tier in most matches. Doesn't matter. You can zip around all over the map handing out the "death of a thousand cuts" to much bigger enemys and I really enjoy playing it. I'm now at a point where I know the good spots on the maps so I can avoid getting shot early in the game. And since I'm one of the fastest tanks I can afford to wait a bit after a game starts to see what my team is doing before I head off myself.
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I have been playing it on PS4 since January. It took over from BF4 and I haven't played much else since. I haven't spend anything on it so far, which I find a weird sort of satisfaction in. In tier 8 I can earn a little silver but tier 9 with my stock E75 have been a silver pit so far. Like you I kinda loose interest around tier 7 since the grinds get so long. Premium would help with that but 6 months would be the same as getting BF1 new so I find it a little too hard to justify since I could loose interest at some point.

So far the highest tier tanks I have in each line are:

E75 (tier 9 heavy) - Not enjoyable so far. It meets too many Tier X TD's that will eat you raw for the slightest mistake. Top gun and turret will eventually help though.
T29 (tier 7 heavy) - A little too slow to be fun but a monster hull down.
SU-152 (tier 7 TD) - The crazy alpha damage makes it fun to play on occasion.
Churchill VII (tier 6 heavy) - Glacially slow, but tier 8-10 in that line looks fun.
Type 4 Chi-To (tier 6 medium) - Not that good but tier 8 and 10 looks like I would enjoy them.
T-34-85 (tier 6 medium) - The regular T34 was awesome. T54 and on should be good as well.
KV-85 (tier 6 heavy) - Lousy gun depression, and not that fun, but next level and on should redeem that.
M44 (tier 6 arty) - When you just want to relax.
StuG III Ausf. G (tier 5 TD) - Sold it and haven't picked it up again.
FCM 36 (tier 4 light) - Haven't played light tanks much so I'm working towards the ELC to properly try it out.

I have an average WN8 of about 1450 over 2030 battles so average/good as well. On occasion I can have a 2500+ session but atleast an equal ammount of 1000 WN8 nights where everything just goes wrong.
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Wohehey, out of a whim I installed WOT again today (I deleted it about three years ago), it took me a bit to relearn the handling, but all my tanks and settings were still there. :blink:

Not much else has changed: Still about 2/3 fun and 1/3 frustration*. :LOL:

I know I'm going to delete it again in a few weeks because it will get boring again, but for the moment i like it.

*I hate the tiny city maps, but ove the big open maps. ^_^