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World speed record attempt with F1 car


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May 13, 2005
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Sorry if this a a repost but this is pretty interesting


The BAR team is aiming for 400kph. Click on video/audio and there is a cool
video of their attempts.

Apparently their main problem is getting enough traction. They say even at top speed that there is still wheelspin and it may be causing them to loose 10-20kph. I find this hard to believe that there is that much wheelspin even with al the downforce. Maybe someone can explain it to me
Link doesnt open here. :(

My guess is the low wing angle (if any). They barely use any wing, since it creates large drag at such speeds bringing more bad than good. So I guess it could be possible that they get wheelspin.

edit: site opened, my guess of no wing was correct. :)

edit2: they run in the desert, a bit more slippery than tarmac. ;)
wheelspin because they're driving on sand lol
they've no traction =]
I don't see the big deal. It should be relatively easy as cake to make 400k in a modified but still FIA legal F1 car. Just rev it to shit, remove all downforce/drag components and hold on to your nuts.
^ On a bumpy sandy surface! + they have to do two runs. They guy said in the video, engine has to run at max power the longest on Indianapolis, which is 16seconds. Here, they have to rev the crap out of it for 3times more.

Just go to "CAR" and watch the videos, pretty interesting and demanding challange. :)
ok, than sit in one and do it ;) . YOu are runing on sand/salt, NO TRACTION AT ALL. So it is really hard.
well I guess I wasn't really thinking about how the salt surface woudl be slippery .But now it makes sense that the have wheelspin.

I want to see how fast one of the Top Fuel dragsters will go on the flats. In normal racing conditions
even with their huge wings, they reach atleast 350mph in 1/4 mile in about 4 seconds.
Isn't this old news or something? Thought I heard about this before...
Viper007Bond said:
Isn't this old news or something? Thought I heard about this before...
its not really old. but its an ongoing attempt. But having all that power in something that lightweight even with all that downforce would play hell on sand at 240mph. consider the fact that most F1 cars arent really even built to go past like 215 or 220mph.
Kebab gud said:
mancs said:
ok, than sit in one and do it ;) . YOu are runing on sand/salt, NO TRACTION AT ALL. So it is really hard.
actually there is a lot of traction .. thats why they do speed runs there

they do speed runs there because there's a huge amount of flat land. the land is covered in salt though so its really slippery
mancs said:
ok, than sit in one and do it ;)

Give me a few F1 cars, a team of engineers and a budget of millions and i'll do it :)

~800BHP (more because they wont be rev-limiting) and a tiny tiny front surface area (minimal drag) is what makes me unable to see the big deal. And let's be honest, if it wasn't a big deal, they're obviously still going to make a big deal out of it for publicities sake.
^ I would like to see you doing it, really.
Lol! They went out here at Mojave! Only like 10 miles from here..I wonder why they didn't use Rosamond or Rogers lakebed for that stuff..this place used to be a big as Bonneville back in the '50's-'60's. Of course we all run it now (USAF), there is some jet car that is going to try to break the speed record out here.

I guess it was cool that they broke the F1 record, not sure why everyone here is fussing on about it. Kinda funny that they made a big try at Bonneville and talked about how to get the car going at Bonneville, then they go "well we had to go to a junkyard air field in the Mojave Desert to do the record", it's a bit amusing to me :p
if any of you actually saw the video from the boneville400 website, the 007 did hit 413kph! but the car wasn't track legal as they aimed for, having removed the rear wing altogether and replacing it with a vertical rudder like that of an airplane.