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Would you buy an official Top Gear DVD?

Would you buy an official Top Gear DVD?

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  • No - I've got them all for free off here

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I wouldn't. The information in them becomes dated quickly (with new car models and revisions throughout a year). DVD versions would also probably be cut down, so they wouldn't be the full hour of entertainment since the news wouldn't work well on a DVD. They are good enjoyment, but I would rather hear about a new 3 series when its actually new, not 9 months later when the DVD set is released.
I would probably buy one, yes. It would be quite nice to have them in good quality and watch them on TV screen. :D
I would buy it... But only if its the full show... and ac3 or dts...
I can watch them on TV anyway with the Divx Player, but surround sound really is missing a bit... Dunno if they record the shows with it...

jasonchiu said:
yes but i will download it lol! :thumbsup:

you are so predictable Jason ... and such a moooooooooocher !!

I get all the fun videos from this great site. who needs crappy cut down DVD videos when u can get them for free from here....
Nope, I don't care about DVD's it would be way too expensive, and I'm not out of HD space yet ;)
I'd rather buy compilation DVD's of Top Gear, like "The Best Of" or "Hits and Misses".
Where they show only the good stuff, like supercars & high performance stuff. They can ditch the news and all the "garden variety" reviews of every day cars.
Keep all those quirky contests etc. and the Stig's stuff is a must. You could also keep some of the funny reasonably priced car stuff too.
I'm just too lazy to cut and paste all the good stuff and make my own DVD, so i'd rather pay the money and get one that is professionally produced.
I would think that there is about 10-15 minutes of "really good" stuff in each ep so they should be able to squash a few hours on a decent DVD.
Also I highly doubt that it would, if it ever was made, be in AC3 or DTS. Production costs would go through the roof.
I agree with jneil, They should combine all the good stuff and sell it at a reasonable price. But they should also just release every single episode in a multi DVD pack for all of us here across the pond. It would be cool to view all the old stuff in high quality.
They have best of DVDs with the magazine once in a while. I'd only be interested in the complete, uncut series.
SPG900 said:
I'd only be interested in the complete, uncut series.
I love TV series on DVD. I've already got single or mutliple box sets of South Park, Batman, Trailer Park Boys, GI Joe, Spongebob, Family Guy, Invader Zim... I'm probably even forgetting a couple... but I love having high quality DVDs of my favourite shows.
jensked said:
Of course it is true the info gets outdated fast, but who watches Top Gear only for the information about the cars? I for one don't.

I don't mean the information. I would rather see the cars when they are new, before there have been thousands of reviews done on them, than when they have been around for a year or more.

Also, if there is a DVD set made, the only distribution source for those of us who arent british would more than likely be shut down and we wouldn't get to see these shows until the BBC started shipping DVD sets to other countries, which if it happened could take 9 months to a year from production. By that time I am sure I could see any new porsche or ferrari driving around when I go home. I enjoy seeing new things, and with that type of delay it would almost be impossible to enjoy Top Gear. I would rather keep the distribution how it is, instead of reading about a new car on a website, and then seeing a Top Gear Review of it 9 months later, right after a brand new model is out that looks completely different.

I can live with XviD quality, if I wanted high quality audio for cars, I would go to a car lot and hear it live.
If they released the series in an uncut format, preferrably with extras and outtakes then I'd be very interested. If they cut out anything, i'd be less interested.
I'd be interested because I would make dvd-r copies. :mrgreen:
No. I only watch episodes once most of the time and so I have no desire for a DVD set as I've already seen them.

Not to mention that I'm broke, otherwise I might just buy them for the hell of it as it's such a great show and it's fun to go back and watch certain segments sometimes.
I think if they made a box-set of all season I would buy them, just to add to my collection :).