WRC Croatia 2021


Ring, ring!
Mar 1, 2019
As some of you may know from the Telegrams or a hint I gave in this subforum, I've been to the first ever WRC held in Croatia. Having been a WRC fan as a kid, this is basically a childhood dream come true. Especially considering it's held very near my city.

The first day I had other stuff to do, and I didn't really feel like going to Zagreb just to see the shakedown, but the second day they had a stage near my town. In the morning, they were passing through my city, so I took the opportunity and grabbed some pictures of rally cars passing through my city:

DSC_0166.jpg DSC_0180.jpg DSC_0187.jpg DSC_0202.jpg DSC_0245.jpg DSC_0249.jpg DSC_0272.jpg DSC_0325.jpg DSC_0346.jpg DSC_0348.jpg DSC_0376.jpg DSC_0465.jpg DSC_0520.jpg DSC_0559.jpg DSC_0594.jpg

And later that day, I went to the stage, but unfortunately, I was a bit too late for the stage itself. Still, I had a pretty decent view of some of the cars at the final checkpoint:

DSC_0669.jpg DSC_0693.jpg DSC_0698.jpg DSC_0715.jpg DSC_0746.jpg DSC_0817.jpg DSC_0854.jpg DSC_0889.jpg DSC_0902.jpg DSC_0913.jpg

Continuing in another post.

The third day, I actually went to a stage. I didn't manage to catch the best spot, but overall, I'm satisfied with the pictures I took. Since I didn't move, all the photos are from the same corner. I hope you don't mind a dozen of photos of rally cars drifting taken from the same angle. :p

DSC_0142.jpg DSC_0155.jpg DSC_0165.jpg DSC_0174.jpg DSC_0182.jpg DSC_0203.jpg DSC_0212.jpg DSC_0235.jpg DSC_0246.jpg DSC_0257.jpg DSC_0258.jpg DSC_0308.jpg DSC_0366.jpg DSC_0375.jpg DSC_0475.jpg

And that's it from me. I didn't feel like writing a ton of text here, I just wanted to upload the pics. Overall, it was a good experience, and definitely a good opportunity to practice some photography skills. :)