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WRC Mexico


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Dec 3, 2004
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What a rally. If Solberg can keep up his current pace then we might see a new champion this year. Gronholm as usual had problems again with the Peugeot. Looks like they didn't fix anything during the off-season.

What a comeback for Loeb. Amazing.

Sola would have done great. Too bad for him.

Looks like Mitsu is on the right track. They've been scoring manufacturer's points in the first 3 races.

Other than that, it was again an amazing rally to watch. Gotta wait till the next one now. Already the 4th one next time. Look how fast it is going :).
man as much as i respect loeb's ability i just don't like him petter is cool because he is so flamboyant ... neither are as awesome as marko "i just drive the car the best i can and see what happens" Martin I really i want marko to take it this year he is only 4 points behind... so there is hope... he just needs to not retire for the rest of the season and be consistant

Loeb does have skill...but we will see what happens. I think Petter is more than due for his time now. Those 3 DNFs towards the end of the season last year never helped. Same with Marko, he had some bad luck last year. This year he's in a Peugeot so hopefully the problems won't haunt him like they haunt Gronholm.

Panizzi is doing great behind the wheels of a Mitsubishi though..:thumbsup:.
I didn't watch it yet, i'm trying to find a complete .torrent of it with all the stages...

But i'm glad mitsubishi is doing good :thumbsup: I also really hope Gigi Galli gets a lot more drives in the Mitsubishi....he was in the top 3 most of the time at the Swedish rally till the Mitsubishi had problems :(
f1racingworld.com should have it. I think I saw it on there :)
....... awsome weekend, just awsome ... I'm sooo happy we have a channel which covers the whole season .... next up, New Zealand :thumbsup:

I like Marko's stile too. However, I don't think he has what it takes to become I champion yet. I think Loeb and Solberg are more experienced. Puls he is with a new team and a new car.
BTW does any one know what's going on with McRae right now? Is he going to return?
definatley not going to return, no ... he did enter the Paris-Dakar though ... duno't think he did any good ...