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WRC Sweden.


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Dec 3, 2004
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I got the Preview show and will be downloading the rest of the coverage as well. If anybody will be interested, I'd be able to share. :)

Plus I'd like to talk about the race here as well. I am a huge follower of the WRC. :)
Just watched it and Subaru is getting their new driver to drive in this Rally. His name is Chris Atkinson from Australia. First time in the snow. Should be interesting. Plus looks like even more drivers are competing in this one. They say it's the biggest lineup of drivers that they've had.

Henning Solberg will be the second point man for Ford since he's got more experience than Roman Kresta.

Tires are gonna be an issue with the new rule for sure. Should make some exciting racing and possibility of some strange outcomes.

Looks like it will be a great rally.
up it ! I like the WRC. To bad that the coverage is so bad over here.
I just saw an hours coverage of the first stages. WRC gets the attention it needs here in Finland. 8)

It has become just as weird event as Monte Carlo. Some snow here and there and the rest is gravel or something in between. So far no surprises. As long as the 307 holds together, Gr?nholm will be up there battling it out with Solberg. ;)
They also said something about snow tires may be having the better advantage.

I saw a feed that I got of f1racingworld.com and Chris Atkinson had an off. Actually a couple of more drivers had an off but no serious crashes yet.

CamoN, care to share :), please.
Well, it was all in Finnish (except the quick interviews from Loeb and Solberg), so maybe you wouldn't get much out of it. :p
Just watched Day 1. No surprises at all like CamoN said. Looks like it will be exciting though since they say Leg 2 will be tougher. We will see.
Yeah I did see that. A good portion of the privateers are doing really well. :)
Day 2 was a little bit more exciting. Gronholm and Solberg seem to be going at it and have a close race. Loeb's engine developed a head gasket problem and they will try to finish Day 3 by taking it easy on the car.

Marko Martin is finally getting better and feeling more comfortable with the 307. Gigi Galli and Francois Duval developed punctures. Duval had like 3 with the last one putting him 5 minutes behind.

1. Petter Solberg 2:14:27.9
2. Marcus Gronholm +12.6
3. Sebastien Loeb +34.3
4. Markko Martin +2:05.8
5. Toni Gardemeister +3:18.6
6. Henning Solberg +3:21.8
7. Harri Rovanpera +3:22.7
8. Gigi Galli +3:35.6
9. Daniel Carlsson +3:48.9
10. Chris Atkinson +3:51.8
11. Janne Touhino +4:00.0
12. Roman Kresta +4:15.3
13. Jani Paasonen +4:29.8
14. Anthony Warmbold +5:48.5
15. Francois Duval +6:14.5
16. Mattias Ekstrom +6:54.2

Quick rundown of the top 16. Quite a bit of shuffling going on. But anything can still happen.

I'm currently uploading the Preview, Day 1, and Day 2 to hockiethang's FTP. I can also host them on my ftp server. Mind you top speed will be 30 KB/sec.
Leppy said:
Go you little Aussie!! Debut in rally and already coming 10th...

:) I'm rooting for him too. This is the first time he's been in such cold condidtions :lol:

Guys, WRC Sweden Preview, Day 1, and Day 2 are up on hockiethang's FTP. :)
An eventful last day. Gr?nholm rolled his 307 and was out, and Sebastian Loeb's engine didn't make it through. So, in the end Solberg took a clear victory, M?rtin second and Gardemeister third.

After two dramatic events Gardemeister leads the overall points standings, closely followed by M?rtin. Then both rally winners of this season. But who would've guessed that two Mitsubishi drivers would be ahead Gr?nholm in points standings at this point?
Hazardous said:
But who would've guessed that two Mitsubishi drivers would be ahead Gr?nholm in points standings at this point?

Well, I could have. Although it's not common for Rovanper? to finish a rally. :roll: Mitsubishi has got a good car, they just haven't had money to test it. But neither has anybody else. Maybe they'll be back at the top in a few years.

It's such a shame to see Gr?nholm go like that. He already deserves some points and wins. :|
I saw the feed of the crash. Very unfortunate. Even though Solberg won, he was quite displeased about Gronholm not letting him go by for a good half a minute or so.

Uncut feed, I may add.
I'm currently uploading Day 3 onto hockiethang's FTP. Should be there in about 3 hours :lol:

All in all, it was a great rally. Very exciting, too bad for Gronholm and Loeb. Congrats to all the privateers. They did really good.

And finally Chris Atkinson had an off and lost 12 minutes. Crashed into a tree. Next time Chris. :)
Uhm I actually went to sweden to watch it live :) And I took some pictures, they are still on my friends computer, I hope I'll get them tonight. Should I post some of them here or in the photography section?