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Oct 13, 2004
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Is there anyone who also used to check this site:
www.carsfromitaly.com ?

It was a great site with compreehensive information about all cars made in italy.

All of a sudden it just disappeared. Does anyone know what happened?
It is? Are you absolutely sure? I've tried it with different computers, networks, etc, and it just won't open. Haven't tried a different country though ;)
^ Make it a month or so.

Carsightings, you must have used a wrong link, it is impossible that it's working for you and not for everyone else.
Kebab gud said:
no its not .. if the server is in israel .. its possible..

I'm pretty the sure that the guy(s) who made the site wasn't from israel. However, it is not impossible that the server is in israel.

carsightings, please check that you used the correct link and not something like www.carfromitaly.com
I just tried it myself, no joy. Would've been nice to have known about this website before hand...