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XP pro SP2

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Nov 9, 2004
Stockholm, Sweden
I've heard rumours that SP2 for xp pro sucks, are they true?
not at all. Most users find that SP2 is a vast improvement over SP1 and considerably improves Windows XP as a whole.

The main complaints come from the more complex users such as programmers and large businesses whom have a vast array of programs and that any real shift in OS could drastically decrease their workflow.

Overall though, over 80% of people who have upgraded have been satisfied. So, if youj can, it's worth the upgrade.
my experience has been that a clean install and then an upgrade ensures that none of your programs will fuck up as it happened to me the first time i tried to install it. But now i think microsoft has done a pretty good job with the SP2
if u use wireless, GET SP2... its 10x better than sp1
as far as everything else goes...its a bother...the
firewall and shit. but of course it can all be deleted with
a few mouse clicks :mrgreen:
The biggest issue i have is connection time outs with bit torrent, due to the tcp ip connections limits being dropped. This makes sense on one level, that if your machine is infected with a replicating virus it will trigger this limit and timeout potentially slowing down the spread of viruses.

Problem is that its not smart enough to know what programs CAN spam the net without triggering this limit. Bit torrent is a prime example, when i download a torrent, the first thing that az does is go off and check several servers for tracker info, then it spams out a list of packet request to all connected users to that torrent. This looks like a virus and gets knocked back in sp2.
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