Xpand Rally, this really kicks ass!

its MP only? weird for a racing game to be MP only. screen
shots look purty though :D
yeah i joined a internet game raced little, it was choppy and the grfx were really dark ... i think it might have been a rainy stage heheh i'll wait for the SO demo =]
Oh with a good computer + graphic shit it's really nice, especially the scenery. I like the graphics more than CMR5
I tried it also....a lot better then CMR5.

Only problem i faced was poor framerate :( (damn you cheap video card :x )
Mmm, damn fun, but I think CMR05 is better. Xpand makes it feel like you're on ice all of the time and the car models and damage isn't as good looking.

Hit me up on AIM/MSN/ICQ/Yahoo! if you ever wanna play with me. :)
This game also always seems... glowy to me. Like this:


I realize that that's supposed to be the sun glow, but even in the shade, it's kinda like that.

I do REALLY like that it's big, open maps though and not just driving through a tunnel like you kinda are in CMR.
Yeah It's like the Peter Pan's Neverland, but I still like it.
Projection of the headlights is nice too, at night.
This game didn't impress me all that much, I like the moddability of it, but it's too arcadish for me (which is perhaps what other people look for).
The last week or so, I've been playing Richard Burns Rally, which IMHO, is the best rally sim ever, and really addictive :twisted: .

I guess there is a demo out for it now (214 MB) : http://www.bhmotorsports.com/RBR/downloads/3733

If you're used to arcade rally games (which up till now perhaps almost all have been), you will probably not like the game for the first 1/2 hour or so.
Then once you get the hang of it a little, you'll love it.
Colin McRae is way more arcadish than Xpand Rally is..

Wanted to try Richard Burns but my f**ing computer is to sucky..
Have played it on PS2 though, cool for the rally enthusiast..