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Yay I gots me an ipawd.


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Mar 21, 2004
Now I can listen to my iron maiden, my metallica, my pink floyd, and my guns n roses. But there must be more I can do. And i hate to whole syncyhronising thing. There must be a way to just upload and download songs manually. I think I saw something at ipodhacks.com but I'm just to lazy to download anything with my fiftysixkay.
Don't complain, just use iTunes, it rocks, period. :wink:

Im getting an iPod as well, woooooo :shock: :shock:
I rather get a Phone with a good camera... BTW... anyone heard of the o2 xda II mini... I saw it in a mall yesterday... seems like a great phone :D
according to the sales person... it just came out about a week ago... its abit pricey though 367 quid... so i have to think really hard before deciding if I want to get it :lol:
i just got a fre new ipod from my warrenty and new ipod head phones for free as well coz they broke during warrenty.

in total, its my 3rd ipod at the cost of 1 ipod and 2nd pair of head phones.

btw u should all get the apple ipod care as it is value for money. i plan to kick my ipod in to the wall every 3 to 5 months to claim a new ipod and also crush my earphone every 3 months to get new ones.

andrew hui and i went on saturday to claim ipods and joked about how we treat our ipods so badly and jsut go am claim new ones with the woman who worked there, she found it really funny too
Weclome to the club, i couldn't wait for my freeipod.com, so I just went out and bought one myself, very cool little thing, if it wasnt so expensive everyone should get one.
and do what with them? it plays mp3's not vids..

and the mini is smaller in size and looks a lot better than the ugly big white ones. it's lighter too and fits better in a pocket