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Jun 4, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
00' Subaru Forester GT
I GOT A RACING WHEEL!..... My Beloved Girlfriend bought me the momo racing wheel :D:D:D:D:D:D... so I think I'll be back to racing every weekend :D... can someone please help me with calibrating my wheel... its so damn sensative I can barely drive it :lol:
Nice :thumbsup:

as for calibrataion, i use windows, contol panel -> game contolers -> select your wheel -> calibrate. there you can adjust pleanty of stuff, but i beleive you should have some logitech software cd with the wheel that you could also use. good luck andy, and do some heavy practice, because it takes a few days to get used to a wheel ;)
I use the logitech software, you can do a lot with that, including binding just about all the keys I need to the buttons.
alright.. I finally got the settings how I like it... now time for practicing :D... btw, is it harder to recover from slides on the wheel compared to the mouse?... I keep sliding in the chicane in AS cadet and I cannot recover from it
^ if you loose it in the down/uphill chicane there's not much you can do but pray :lol:

dunno which is harder to recover with, mouse or wheel. guess it depends on you, what you are comfortable with and what you are used to. give the wheel a few days time of practice, its not so easy to switch from one type of controller to another, takes a couple of days. but once you are used to the wheel, trust me, you will like it :thumbsup:
Just set Force Feedback to 200 and the car will drive itself...kind of. :lol:
Takes time to learn andyhui01. Took me a good while to get back into my best times.
Yah, no point in being a hero, set the force feedback to whatever is comfortable.
I have my wheel set at 100% in Logitech Profiler, and in LFS I have it set at 55.

FYI, here's my Logitech Profiler setup for LFS S2:

From Profiler, select the Profile -> Import menu if you want to try it. (You can create it as a new setup, so you won't lose your current one.)
espnsti... I have a problem with the throttle brake command thing... before my setup was combined and when you seperate it... somehow the brake doesn't go off :lol:
Oh, you want it seperated, but you'll have to reassign/recalibrate it in lfs.
Options -> Controls -> Axes/FF
You'll need to click on invert (so that it says "invert 1") on both throtlle and brake.

EDIT: here's my controls setup in LFS:
i have my ff set at 40-50in lfs as well, not to week, feels ok, and doesnt give me a terminator workout :lol:
ahh... I am such an idiot!!!... I set my FF at 180... I was complaining about how powerful the FF is :lol: