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Sep 12, 2004
justin syder said:
so i guess you guys are right. america stirred up the hornets nest with these terrorists. NOW we are all in danger but before the war on terror only innocent Israelis and some Palestinians were dying thats fine as long as it dont affect you guys, right?
Erm... Have you heard of IRA, The bask, the little country of Lebanon, munich olympics? Europe has been suffering from terrorists for decades but the US. did not care because they were safe on their own land, but LOW and behold, someone made an attack on your soil and suddenly terrorism is the worst thing in known human history...

Honestly, from now on I will resist the urge to participate in these political discussioins... hopeless.


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Mar 8, 2004
Vancouver, Canada
^... Not to mention that these "hornets" were trained and armed by the United States. The ironic thing is, they still haven't fully realized this... they go on attacking terrorist groups around the world, yet all the while create more for them to fight 5-10 years from now. :?


Sep 27, 2004
Stavanger, Norway
So true Zenon.

Thats a way of saying our country dont really care and the situation dont affect us so why should we bother.

Your coutnry does nothing to help the situation yet you continue to critic on how my country tries to get peace.

The population is not a factor if a coutnry wants to bring peace in a region in the world its just an excuse.

So typical of Europeans to think their shit dont stink and America is at fault when they themselves do nothing but hand out critism.

You keep holding me responsible for my entire country at all times. But in this case
my case is rather strong, even if I were the voice of my nation. Few countries
have actually got involved in the peace-process between Israel and Palestine more than Norway.
We have held numerous international convetions on our own soil to try and solve
this problem, because those RESPONSIBLE doesn't take action.

After WWII you gave this land to the Jews, as a little compensation. Norway had
nothing at all to do with this. But still it seems you don't care to fix what hell
you have created. These conflicts have been going on since forever, and they
sure as hell wont end unless we stop blaming and don't act. Luckily, even mr.Sharon
has began realizing thing, taking a few steps in the right direction. It's funny that
when Israel attacks civilian territories in Palestine, it is with American weapons,
delivered from you own nation.

You must see that the ones holding the key here is you goddamnit!
How the fuck do you expect for ex. Thailand to solve the Cold war crisis
when they had no authoroty or really anything to do with it, except for their opinions.

But still my nation have tried and tried, several times. What does it take?
Do jews singlehandedly run the U.S? So it seems, for one of the biggest
killing machines in the middle east is seated in Israel. But no action is taken,
they didn't attack YOU now did they? So stop whining about us being selfish,
we even try to help out solving stuff we never even touched. You fucked up
two countries and got them into war, but claim no responsibility.

You points are lost in this discussion Justin. We try, you (your country's leadership)
do nothing.