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Yet another Enzo bites the dust, NOT a repost


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Dec 14, 2004
Allen, TX USA
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What bloody idiots, no 17 year old could handle cars like that, hope there dads slap them........hard
I wouldn't even trust myself with cars like that. :lol:
i think this is BS. let's do some math.

they say there were 5 teens involved, and a murci and an enzo.

Enzo: 2 seats
Murcielago: 2 seats

where the hell does the last person go? roof? :p

oh and the enzo was sold off as a salvage title car for $2.3 million on ebay about a year ago.
Story may be crap but it's still a real shame to see cars like this in this state :/
and in addition to the story being nonsense, the Enzo isnt the rarest car in the world.
Rand Allemond says "I saw the yellow one coming down the street and make a sharp swerve-like maneuver and turn sideways while the other ran into it. Then they both slid into two other cars and that's when I ran inside to get my wife and call the police".
^ what is this Bullshit?? the state of the cars dont even look anything like that happened
I was afraid it was a hoax, since I couldnt find a corroborating source. Still, the pictures are :shock:

With only 353 miles on the odometer, this Enzo sustained approximately $400,000 in damages. Rumor suggests that this car was being driven by the owner's son. The owner apparently owns a huge RV manufacturing company or dealership. This is actually the 2nd Enzo to be wrecked. A yellow Enzo holds the honors as the first wreck (we're trying to get pictures of that one!)

There's your story.
muhaha :)

But I really like the fact that his big fatass cool offroad indestructable army 5 tonnes suv hummer is owned by a stupid telephone pole :lol:
what is Ferrari's plan for this kind of stuff? I mean if it was intended for this car to be driven and driven hard on a track or something, you have to expect that parts are going to wear out or crashes are going to happen. Letting you daughter crash the car( whether it's true or not) is a little bit different story and I don't think Ferrari would want to do anything in this situation. Since this car is so rare and advanced, I doubt any there are any other companies that are making replacement parts for it. So how does one of the lucky owners get a new clutch when it goes bad or something like that?

By the way: how was that junked enzo able to sell on ebay for $2.3 on ebay when the other one that just ended on ebay only got to ?521,402 (about $920,118). It didn't even reach the reserve price. How is a junked car able to sell for more than a working car?
^ Agreed.