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yet another newbie :D


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Apr 5, 2005
Hey guys, i'm new here. Been watching TG forever, and have all the episodes...naturally. Who doesnt? :D

Been watching the forum for awhile, figured i'd give registering a try.

Oh, I'm sorry. Just noticed all the other threads labled roughly the same. Thought this would be the place to put it. >.<

Figures, first post and I already mess up :/
Jostyrostelli said:
Hehe it's no problem, it's flooded with all sorts of scam :lol:

Scam, you say... Of the nigerian bank transfer kind, or the "OMG UR EBAY WILL BE REVOKED GIVE ME UR LOGIN KEKEKE" kind? Perhaps even the "Free iPODZ"?
Thanks for the welcome! :D

I'm just from the states and in college. Nowhere really special.