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You asked for it. My 911.


Apr 6, 2005
Libertyville, IL (USA)
Here are some quick shots that I took of my car while I was washing it. Hope you enjoy them. Let me know what you think.

Some odd facts...

The opening at the front is for my external racing oil cooler.


Porsche 911s of this era hand no springs, but instead used torsion bars which allow for me to change the ride hieght very quickley with a wrench.


A little air cooled goodness stuck up the back. :mrgreen:


A closer look at that magical goodness. (Dont mind that "rust" like goo on the back thats from the sound insulation I removed).


A veiw of the gauges, I rotated the HUGE tach and speedo to read better on the track.


WHO TOOK MY OIL PAN! :shock: Gotta love dry sumps from the factory. BTW a 911 takes 12 quarts of oil per change.


I cant wait for the track season to start! :thumbsup:
Why did you rotate the speedo? I mean, you really care about how fast you go?

even the tach, I'm sure you don't look at it...
When you are coming down from 145mph into a tight tighting left turn (Turn 5 at Road America :D) its nice to know how hard you have to be on the brakes. Likewise with the tach its important to know your revs before you kick it down a gear and match revs.
If anyone can tell me what the hoses in the engine picture are you will win a prize, or maybe just props but still. :lol:
Haha, Dark I said HOSES not HORSES and for your information it has been tweeked to a little over 200hp but it weights only about 2500lbs stock minus a bunch of stuff I have taken out. The hoses I was refering to people assume to be to a turbo when really they are ducts for the heating system.
the hoses run from the heat exchangers on the exaust manifold to the heaters in the car. mmm petrol smelling air...sweet

nice car by the way...im more a fan of the A and B series, but I have this disease where i often consider selling my tight honda daily driver for a 911...

edit...I swear i didnt read your last post before i posted this...sometimes i skim...sometimes i miss stuff
Nice car. :thumbup:
awesome car dude... I really loved that Generation of 911... I still don't understand the point in rotating the speedo... can anyone explain it?
^ maybe because its easier to see when the rpm's redline to shift? the needle would point upwards instead of to the right .. duno about the speedo though..
maybe thats what shift-sound/lights are for... I'm still drooling over the pictures :D ... btw how many liters is 12quartz?
Really nice!