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Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object
Mar 31, 2008
Passat Alltrack B8
Oh yeah, 'tis indeed the season for crossthreaded lug nuts. That, and people looking for "a socket" that fits their locking lugs, needing to be told that they need the key that originally came with the set because that's the whole idea of locking lug nuts. :p I yeeted mine from the Passat within a day of taking ownership. I find electric impact guns to be better than air guns for getting threads started. Electric is better at carefuling.

Supply chain issues is plaguing the industry here too. I don't deal with tires much, but most everything auto parts related is running low and/or on back order. It's frustrating for our customers when an engine overhaul (on a really common engine, say Volvo D5) grinds to a halt because you can't get a €2.50 valve guide anywhere.