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You want me to copy papers? MY ASS!!

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
i think it is, there some show here on star world all bout secutiy cam's

some low life fucked a (paper horse full of candy? whats the name of this hing) and was on camera so sad...
Yup, fake. He should work on his acting skills a bit. Especially the bit before it breaks, where he's looking around him quickly, leaves much to be desired. I suppose they just make those videos so you would go to their site and click some ads...
Jason, your new avatar is quite distracting. I can't focuse myself to anything else on this page... :mrgreen:

And BTW that video is IMO kinda sad. :(
HAHHAHHAHAHHA funny as hell... i can only imagine how much that would have hurt if it had actually happened

:lol: :lol: hahahaaaaa