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Your Camera Equipment


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Mar 24, 2005
Waterford, ?ire
'06 BMW 320 M Sport
Like the other thread but this can include manual film cameras too and about anything you bring in your camera case :D
Canon 580EX
Canon 430EX
Nikon SB800
Canon OCE3
Canon 70-200 2.8 L IS
Canon 300mm F4 L IS
Canon 24-105 F4 L IS
Sigma 50mm F1.4
Sigma 28-135 Macro
BGE-6 Grip for 5D2
2 x 1D2 Batteries
2 x 5D2 Batteries
2 x Kingston Elite Pro 16GB
2 x Sandisk Ultra II 8GB
2 x Sandisk Extreme III 4.0GB
2 x Sandisk Ultra II 2.0GB
2 x Fuji 2.0GB CF
1 x Cactus V2 Wireless Transmitter
4 x Cactus Wireless Receivers
2 x Hoya 77mm Circular Polarizers
3 x Cokin Graduated Neutral Density Filters
2 x Cokin ND8 Filters
1 x Stofen Omnibounce Diffuser

Fuji S5000 3.0MP
256MB XD Card, 2 X 128mb XD Card and 3x 16MB XD Card

Canon EOS 3000V

Pentax MG
Cosina 135mm
Tokina 80-200mm
Pentax 50mm
Pentax AF 2005 Flash

Fuji A350 5.3 MP
(Same XD Cards as Above)

Duracell 2500 mAh One Hour Charger
4 x 2650 mAh AA
16 x 2500 mAh AA
4 x 2300 mAh AA

High Visibility Vest
Media Credentials
'The Rig'
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andyhui01 said:
why a High Visibility Vest?... where do you go to take pictures?

On a rally, or anywhere else at night, if you want to stay where cars pass.
Nikon D70
Nikkor 18-75 DX Lense
UV Filter (for lense protection more than anything)
1 x Li-Ion battery
1Gb 80x CF Card
Mini Tripod
Velbon CX-540 Full Tripod
Low Pro Bag

Pentax Optio S4
Li-Ion Battery
128Mb SD Card
256Mb SD Card
Lo Pro Case
Canon Powershot Pro1 8.0MP 28-200mm

1x Ridata 1gb CFcard (usually in the camera, unless its full)
1x Sandisk Ultra II 256mb CFcard
2x Canon BP-511 (one in the camera)
1x Canon Lens Hood

All stuffed into my Canon PSC-4000 leather case that's made specially for my camera. :p

I have a tripod too, but I only take it if I know I'll be taking long exposures or night-shots.
Sony DSC-P92 5MP Ditigal Camera.
128MB MemoryStick
16MB MemoryStick
3 pairs of Rechargeable AA batteries
Mini-Tripod, extends to about 16inches in height
Fish eye lens (not for the P92, just held up to the camera, ghetto++)
LowePro Camera Bag

Thats about it.
Old school, Canon AE-1, Stock 35-80 Canon lens
larger Canon 25-125, Tokina 40-300, Cokin Filter system, Canon flash, Yashica Strobe and mounting bracket, Canon Power winder, olympus hard case, smaller hard case for light equipment, manfrotto tripod, misc. batteries, Fuji professional 800 film 36 exp. and then for digital, Olympus E-10, rechargable batteries, 256 card, 512 card, various filters, besseler bag. thats about it.
Canon Powershot S45 4MP
256MB Transcend CF card
32MB Canon CF card
2 Li-Ion Batteries
1 mini tripod
1 tripod

Sony DSC U20 2MP
128MB Memory-Stick
2 8MB Memory-Stick

Sony DCR IP220 2MP 10x Optical
1.5x Tele Lens
0.43x Wide Lens
^Same cards
Vintage '70s Asahi Pentax K1000 35 mm film SLR
stock 50 mm lens
CPC 210 flash
(1) tripod

Canon PowerShot S10 2.1 MP
3x optical zoom lens
(1) 8 MB CF
(1) 64 MB CF
(1) Rechargeable battery
Lowepro compact camera bag

Fujifilm FinePix S5100 4.0 MP
10x optical zoom lens
(1) 16 MB Fujifilm xD card
(1) 256 MB Fujifilm xD card
(4) AA rechargable batteries
(4) AA batteries - extra
Car power cord
A/V extension cord
Lens adaptor
Fujifilm camera bag - included

Holga 120FN medium format
60 mm plastic lens
Built-in flash
Accepts 120 color or B&W film (recommended), or 35mm
Konica-Minolta DiMage Z2
B+W 52mm 010 UV-Haze 1x filter
.75x wide-angle converter lens
Minolta 3600-HSd hotshoe flash
at least 3 sets (sometimes up to 5) of NiMh AA batteries (4 batteries per set)
SunPak 8001 UT Tripod (eh.. it's cheap)
two 256mb SD memory cards

my camera's USB cable
my laptop

Every time I go out with this camera I find more reasons I wish I had an SLR. I can't wait to be able to pick up the D70s and a couple lenses.
Wouldn't leave home without a LensPen and some extra rechargables
Canon 300D Digital Rebel with kit lens
512MB CF card
tri-pot extends to around 5 feet

Canon Rebel 2000 35mm film camera
kit lens
Vivitar Series 1 28-300mm auto foucs zoom lens (can also be fitted on the 300D Digital Rebel)

POS list
Sony DSC-P51
Sony CyberShot U20
Canon PowerShot A75
too many memorysticks
Canon Canonet QL19 & 35mm stock lens

Nikon F60 35mm film SLR
Nikon 50mm f/1.8

Canon Ixus 500
128MB CF

Holga 120SF medium format (soon to be 35mm and 120)

Viggen said:
I'm going to get yet another camera possibly this weekend - A $20 Holga 120S
Best camera ever, learn to love light leaks ruining/beautifying your photos :D
Canon EOS 20D
Canon EF f/3.5-5.6 18-55mm
Hoya UV Filters for both lenses
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM
LowePro MicroTrekker 200 Camera Backback
Bogen/Manfrotto 680 MonoPod
Bogen/Manfrotto Tri-Pod (Unknown Model)
Sandisk Extreme III 1GB Compact Flash
Sandisk Extreme III 1GB Compact Flash
Sandisk Ultra II 512 MB Compact Flash
Three Canon BP-511's batteries

Theres a really old Nikon N8008S I have. I have a 28-70 and a 70-200 Nikon Lens for it, it only comes into play when I need to do film. I know, I should probably upgrade. :p
I'm a bit out of place here, what with my:
Canon G5
512mb CF

but hoping to move into a DSLR in a few years once I've learnt what I'm doing and have outgrown the camera
canon 10d
70-200mm f2.8 L
17-40 f4 L
24-70 f2.8 L
15mm 2.8 (fisheye)
Canon 1.4x tele converter
a bunch of 1gb CF crads (www.powerinnumbers.com.au) for cheap cards in $au

on the verge of getting a 1d Mk2 (damm expensive) but thinking ill wait, after playing with a nikon d2x hoping canon will macth them.

mainly shoot rally stuff, thus the 70-200. if i was doing more track work, a 300 f2.8 and a 2x tele converter would also be in the bag

and the results http://www.asphotos.com.au/
Cleaning out my bag earlier and took a photo of everything* ...


*Except the Fuji A350 which with the photo was taken with :lol:
Canon 300d,
18-55 efs kit lens
50mm mkII
70-200 f4L
2gb of flash in varried forms
wired remote
kinco extension tubes
varied cirpol and uv filters
manfroto 3021bn with 488 ball head
Varied bags for stuff from yard sales

Minolta SR T-MCII With a 50mm 1.7f rokkor takes care of most of my black and white, and color slides

Argus C3 aka "brick" for when i feel like um, taking 50 secconds to take a picture

Canon T50, somebody gave that to me, the shutter keeps on exploding, Not fun times with small tools

Pentax .. i dunno but it's a full auto slr from the late 60's or early 70's

Poloroid Automatic land camera

Yashica IC A great camera, but the shutter died last week, I don't want to try fixing it.

Konika I

For the Camera's without Meter's I found a Drem Leicascop. It is optical, has no electronics or anything, You just stare at two dots till one goes away and the other is sitll showing while spinning the outer bezel. When this occurs you just look at where the bezel is and that is the light reading.. Really neat and it works wonderfully, even in fairly low ligh Only problem is it's from the 20's or 30's and Uses the SCHEINER scale instead of ASA.
The Rangefinders I have come by at yardsales, I love em.