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May 29, 2004
Viper, i'm really interested in what other people on this forum drive, or have driven. Is it possible that everybody can fill in what kinda car he/she is driving or drove it in the past? Maybe you could place it under "Location:" or something like that :?:
i like that idea :idea:
I'll add that in a bit. :)
I already suggested that in April! :wink:

Yeah but I have some mystical powers you know, I can get anything done :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:
So tell me..what do you want? I don't charge much
Well, there's two options:

A) I install one that adds a shit load of stuff to your profile: make, model, year, engine, wheel, trans, color, photo url

B) I just add one profile field for your car.

I'm HEAVILY leaning towards B as it's way easier. Oh, and I'm too lazy to implement these on any of the other templates.
^ On second thought, if you're going to add colour, please make a rule that the colour has to be one word. Because car manufacturers have names for colours that are 2-4 words long :roll: . Like mine would be Vogue Silver Metallic. But Silver is just fine. So please keep that in mind, too. :mrgreen:
I honestly don't give a shit about other people car's color.. Just the brand model and year like '98 don't even need to use 1998. That's enough.
that would be nice

and then maybe a field for any extra comments about the car
it will be difficult for me to fit this in, "the luxurious and spacious city bus".